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Bio: (((✡ The Trumpet = The Warning ☯)))

☯ * Control Your Mind... Control Your Life.
Eat Much Less... Live Much Longer. ~cm ✡

☯ * The Trumpet Protected:
The Trumpet and Zionist Bonesmen are setting their sights on Israel's 3rd Temple with the resurfacing of the Ark of the Covenant! ~cm ✡

☯ * The Illuminated Ones:
The owl who sees in complete darkness also sees what's hidden in plain sight! ~cm ✡

☯ * "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel and will reign over all." ~Lost Gospel of Thomas ✡

☯ * For they are the approaching storm and an unstoppable force and yet, the carefully planned order out of chaos! ~cm ✡

☯ * 1. Started Me Young - The Order and the Esoteric Mystery Schools:
Raised deeply entrenched in 'The Order' and the 'Esoteric Mystery Schools.' However, during that endeavor and at the tender age of 8 years old, gave my heart to Jesus. The answers to all things are themselves hidden within Mathematics, Scriptural Mathematics, and Sacred Geometry. There are no secrets, only those things waiting to be discovered. Be still and know! ~cm ✡

☯ * 2. Well On My Way - From Cold Darkness to White Hot Light:
I was born a cold and dark ember unable to see in the darkness that engulfed me. However, someone cared enough to place me into a growing group of glowing white-hot embers. These glowing white-hot embers embraced me and redirected their glowing white-hot effulgence towards me. As a result, I began to glow and grow until one day, I also became a glowing and white-hot ember as well! ~cm ✡

☯ * 3. Established In The Group By The Intelligentsia:
They are the 'Epigenetically Altered Individuals' that you should associate with. They are a group of individuals who interact with one another also sharing similar interests. When enough of them are gathered together, it is awesomely electrifying and stimulating beyond normal understanding. Unbelievable occurrences and unexplainable phenomenon are the order of the day and rule of the night. One need only be there to understand. I'm talking about the gathering of great and superior minds.

Point Being: Genes and Genetics are never set in stone and can and will usually be influenced and even altered by the environment they are placed in. Thus, 'Epigenetically Altered Individuals.' ~cm ✡

☯ * 4. The Outward Man Looking Inward:
I do not endorse secret societies, but in spite of this, and in all of my years of study, I have come to the realization that they are the guardians to all the hidden things within the universe. Some Christians may have a problem with this, but we must accept these truths simply because they are the truth. Even Bible scholars do not possess this knowledge simply because they were not taught in a dual setting of both Christianity and Esoteric knowledge. Even Jesus taught certain individuals such as his Disciples Esoteric knowledge, but it was not meant for the masses. The masses were only taught the Exoteric meaning of everything and not the Esoteric; that which has a much deeper meaning. ~cm ✡

☯ * Challenging The Old Order And Paradigm:
Dare I overstep what shouldn't be said and say that there is division amongst the Order and within their ranks? Some see a need for change, while still others prefer the old paradigm of rule by forced control and power. However, the new guard is challenging the old guard.

Here's why: A happy slave will always produce much more than an unhappy slave simply because they have no idea that they are a slave in the first place! ~ cm

☯ * My Personal Interests, Research and/or Learned Expertise:
The Human Mind, Ego, Universe, Non-Material Sciences, Non-Physical Phenomena, Unorthodox Physics and Sciences, Intellectual Dark Web, Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Physics, Arithmetics and Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Sonic Geometry, Samadhi, Akashic Records and Field, Ancient Knowledge, Matter, Space Within Matter, Electric Universe, Entanglement, Duality, Time Travel, 0.23 Seconds Hypothesis, 0.042 Second Time Quantum, Consciousness, and Quantization, Subconsciousness, Superconsciousness, Nootropics and Flow State, Secret Societies, Trigger Keywords and Phrases, Interrogation Tactics and Countertactics, Science of Delusion, Scriptural truths, Cultic Symbols and Symbolisms, Esoteric Knowledge, Alternative Medicine, Epigenetics, Anti-Aging, Multiple Business owner such as Internet Sales, International Product Broker, Import/Export, Real Estate, Stock Market, Commodity Markets, Precious Metals... ~ cm

☯ * From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:
When I was 18 my motto was "looking out for number one" and "my best friend is my wallet." Even after being raised in truth I still let my guard down. Didn't work out too well for me, though, but when I met my soon to be wife, she gave me a reason to care for different things other than myself like her and a new young family.

I married at 21, changed completely and got back on track with my teachings from my youth. I discovered the less importance I placed on material things, the more I was able to acquire them with very little effort. Reason being, I was able to let go of the greed. Greed blinds you from the truth that flows all around you.

I was able to acquire various real estate and properties, traded in both the stock and commodities markets, invested in gold and silver, cars, trucks, and multiple national and international businesses.

My point to all of this is, that once I was able to let go of all the greed, that's when everything positive began to happen. 

Your thoughts are more powerful than you could ever imagine! Both good or bad, you'll get whichever you concentrate on the most! ~cm ✡

☯ * The Script Will Play-Out As Planned And It Will Not Deviate:
Dualistic J. Trump: There are Republicans and there are Democrats and then there is The Trumpet! Make no mistake, he is neither of the two. However, like it or not, he is somewhere in between.

If you are expecting him to fix everything and to save the world, you're in for a huge disappointment! That's not why he's here; that's not the plan, either. What happens after his term is completed, regardless of one or two terms, what happens afterward? The void needs to be filled.

The Trumpet is here to open doors into very sensitive areas that have the potential of being taken down and destroyed. He's opening those doors as a plan of attack and to and for those who will follow.

Things may or may not be better afterward. However, 'Things are Never what they seem!

Like it or not, I stand by my following statement.

Challenging The Old Order And Paradigm:
Dare I overstep what shouldn't be said and say that there is division amongst the Order and within their ranks? Some see a need for change, while still others prefer the old paradigm of rule by forced control and power. However, the new guard is challenging the old guard.

Here's why: A happy slave will always produce much more than an unhappy slave simply because they have no idea that they are a slave in the first place! ~ cm

The hidden key to EVERYTHING is that there is more than one faction. There is actually three competing for power, but they all follow a code of ethics! Plus there are sub-factions as well.

☯ * Pay attention here. This 'Abolish the white race' rhetoric is a little known tactic called, 'The Magic Bullet Theory' and which is perpetrated solely by the media and into the minds of the unsuspecting masses. Its intent is to bring fear initially and next replaced by anger and eventually, retaliation. It's actually a cleaver form of 'Reverse Psychology.'

However, the actual plan, in the end, is not at all to destroy the white race, but instead, the other four. To either destroy or beat into submission. Naziism is alive and well and I can assure you that this is their agenda!

Also, the other final solution is to reduce the white race down to somewhere well below one billion preferably to half that. They will be higher ranking individuals with technical skills and/or professional people. The remaining races who will remain will be service people, but more like servants to the tech, pros, and the elites. ~cm

☯ * Everything is already set in place and they will cause division amongst the population/races as they will destroy themselves. In the end and when those remaining cry-out for help and/or to be rescued, (from themselves) and that they will, the old adage of 'Order Out of Chaos' will be established by 'The Rule of Law.'

You might as well also know that we are in the beginning stages of this agenda.

In other words, it has already begun. Look for a spiraling downward! ~cm

☯ * No disrespect meant here, but seriously, you people need to come back out from those rabbit holes that you're trapped in. There is nothing but dead-ends and wrong turns creating more confusion down there; more unanswered questions. Sadly, you only know what they want you to know. Did you know my two posts above were set to happen? I think not! If so, great!

Everything is hidden in plain sight and you see them every single day. There are no fvcking secrets ever! It's all there outside the rabbit holes. Besides, rabbit holes are for rabbits and not people! *sarcasm*... Also, the matrix is not a real thing either. It's only as real as you make it because someone told you it was real... a self-made control system and just another trap down in the rabbit hole!

just sayin'

Don't hate!
Just trying to help!

I'll stop now... but with no apologies ever for the truth! ~cm

☯ * German-born Wernher von Braun who was brought here after WW2 and was involved in the creation of NASA was a German-American aerospace engineer and space architect. He was the leading figure in the development of rocket technology in Germany that killed thousands during WW2.

Important higher-ups and officials from Germany also made their way into Egypt and are still there, though never seen anywhere, but why? Hmmm. Hundreds here in the US as well. They run shit and even love the Jews via Zionism and which actually most are not even actually Jewish.

Gotta love the Georgia Guide Stones, though! However, not at all what people think. Those 500,000,000 is relative to what? It's a delusion/illusion marked by an important Ley Line because its all about two important things. 1. Rituals. 2. Numbers/Arithmetics/Mathematics of importance.

End times are simulated and/or counterfeited by those who control as some even believe they actually wrote those prophetic Scriptures when they didn't. The Great Architect of the Universe who is symbolized by the letter 'G' is Lucifer himself. The next play is the 3rd Temple as we snuggle up to the Zionist Jews and Religious Jews both, but one being a deception of course!

So yes, people with less than honorable ideas will surely take advantage of such an already well-conditioned way of viewing things and thinking! ~cm

☯ * Define: The Magic Bullet Theory: The "Magic Bullet" theory graphically assumes that the media's message is a bullet fired from the "media gun" into the viewer's "head". Similarly, the "Hypodermic Needle Model" uses the same idea of the "shooting" paradigm. It suggests that the media injects its messages straight into the passive audience. ~Google

☯ * Sadly, though, 99.99% of the population will never take an interest in Epigenetics simply because it's very academic and well beyond the laypersons learned understanding. However, if they ever bothered to take the time, they would begin seeing that this area has at least the potential to go far beyond genetics and transcends far beyond the physical limits of our human understanding.

If you decide this is the path you would like to take in your life, I can tell you from experience, you will never be disappointed! However, it takes persistence and dogged determination and what you put in, you will definitely take home. That said, you will be forever changed by those hidden things that are more than happy to reveal themselves to those who seek.

There is no secrets! Only hidden things just waiting to be discovered. The universe is pure information and you are the receiver/antenna.

Genetics says a gene is a gene and a cell is a cell and all are predestined at their creation, and that each is after their own kind. However, Epigenetics states that every gene and cell can be influenced and altered/changed into something other then what it was intended/designed to be.

Epigenetics makes everything interchangeable biologically meaning a gene from bone can be changed into muscle when one is placed into the other's environment. Even though classic genetics claims this is impossible. Bruce Lipton has already proven this so-called theory, therefore, making epigenetics more a fact than a theory.

Things are not always as they seem!

It is the same with humans in general and who and what they will become. By placing someone into a different environment as a young toddler from one extreme of living and into another will genetically influence and alter them. These biomarkers cause real measurable results/changes via environmental exposure.

Altering genes in animals and even humans is well hidden from public view via epigenetics and their experiments! They accomplish this via gene expression and genetic identity via genome sequencing and secondly via academia. ~cm

☯ * The Trumpet and Zionist Bonesmen are setting their sights on Israel's 3rd Temple with the resurfacing of the Ark of the Covenant!

Sorry, I should have been clearer. They obviously have not started construction of the Temple, but they are making plans in doing so knowing the uproar that it will create in the Muslim world. One can begin to imagine the world crisis that will be created by this monumental and Prophetic event!

The Ark of the Covenant has not yet resurfaced but it will because they know where it is and have always known. The resurfacing of the AOTC will be their reason and claim to build the Temple.

The Zionists know exactly what they're doing and they will follow the Prophetic Scriptures exactly in getting it done. However, there is, of course, a planned timeline which I do not know. Personally, though, I believe that the actual building is still years away. That said, they have to let the people know their plans beforehand, though it will come in the form of cryptic messages. A wise person will pick-up on it!

NOTE: I do apologize for placing my original post here in this thread. I placed it here for two reasons. 1. I didn't want to make a full thread about it. 2. Since Trump will play an important role in getting this done and because this was already a thread about President Trump/The Trumpet. ~cm

☯ * I've noticed the use of the word, 'Reptilian' 19 times in your original post. However, if you changed that to, 'Fallen Angel,' that would be more appropriate and accurate.

The question becomes, is all of this just an illusion or is it an altered perception? They are two different things completely based on their locations. One being in the mind while the other originates outside the mind. Most would never even realize that there was a difference between the two. Or that something like that were even possible.

This is the difference between thinking you know something and knowing you know! It's even beyond advanced critical thinking known as intuition and which is knowing you know something, but not knowing how or why you know it.

The simple truth is a hard pill to swallow, and that is the universe is pure information just waiting to be tapped into and that there are (((NO))) secrets. Just pure information just there for you to discover! Nikola Tesla was well aware of this and they killed him because of it. However, there are no shortcuts!

What about you? Would you delete everything you've ever learned and reinstall everything? It won't be what you expect and much of it will trouble you!

All of that printed information/material is 100% misleading by design. The removal of it being scrubbed from the internet is also part of the ploy/plot. I'll just call it, 'The Alien Redirect/Misdirect.'

What I'm also trying to say, is that even though sounding seemingly impossible, with some work, it is very possible for you to actually tap into the source directly yourself. It just takes lots of practice because we've forgotten how when actually it should come naturally.

All of this information is out there along with every other hidden events in history, divine laws, mathematics, physics, complexities of fractals, etc, and all known and even more importantly, unknown knowledge. Of course, it's impossible to absorb everything, but large chunks or blocs (not blocks) of very specific information can be downloaded. Some people call it 'The Akashic Records' or 'The Akashic Field.'

Simplicity is the true answer, but since we've forgotten how it's done, things have become very complicated and completely skewed. Because of this, there is no simple answer except that it can and usually does take an entire lifetime. However, there are a few things that can help to speed things up. I'll post them (video) below.

That said its something that's almost impossible to explain because there is a limited vocabulary with words that can convey its deeper meaning. Even though I have a basic grip and understanding of it, the answers seem to come in moments of silence or better known as Samadhi.

Edit To Add: Even the videos are lacking a sufficient explanation of everything. It's just something that slowly comes over time. Call it an epiphany for lack of a better term or moments of clarity. ~cm

☯ * Samadhi (Silence is the Language of God):
Samadhi is to learn to die before you die. Life and death are like yin and yang, an inseparable continuum endlessly unfolding with no beginning and no end. When we push away death, we also push away life. When you experience the truth directly of who you are, there is no longer any fear of life or death. ~Samadhi - Part I - "Maya, the Illusion of the Self"

☯ * I believe in an electric universe. Therefore, and if so, there could be no big bang in the first place. That said, perhaps they should not mess with something they don't understand!

But it's not such a good idea to claim you've discovered the God Particle. That, in my opinion, is taking things a bit too far!

I'm not up on Particle Physics, but so far as I know, there really is no concrete proof or evidence that Higgs Boson even exists. Though supposedly confirmed I believe in 2012, I'd rather categorize it as Theoretical Physics.

I think all physics are only conjectured in the form of mathematical theories. Everything seems to have an opposite or duality about them. Take entanglement for example. Who can truly explain any of it? Collapsing wave functions and vast distant connections no matter how far and even in light years? Observational changes from one thing to another? Truthfully, we know nothing! Trying to understand any of it only creates more unanswerable questions!

I sit in a lighted room and yet I sit in blackness because there is no difference between both light and darkness. Why? because I am told that I cannot really see either one of them; not really. I can only see scattering photons from a reflective surface which is caused by a light source while all else in between is bathed in blackness.

Oh yeah, I can kind of understand that because even though it sounds crazy, it's still somewhat understandable. After all, it must be just because that's how it is! These things are not holographic in nature. Nor do we live in a holographic universe. We just exist in something that is limited by our senses simply because those things are just outside of our senses and perception. For now, it would seem that we have become trapped by our own self created ignorance!

I don't think any of this is bullshit! I just realize that even with theories tested and even retested, there are still, and always will continue to be many more questions than there are answers. The main problem with any and all areas of physics is there are many times no answers in the physical and which leads us to seek answers elsewhere

I guess Nikola Tesla said it best... “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

That is my entire point and which I probably should have just stated right at the beginning of our communication. That would have prevented both of us from sparring back and forth. The idea of non-physical phenomena fits nicely into those gaps because non-physical phenomena is just as valid, if not more so than even physical science is.

The big bang theory seems plausible but in my own opinion, not probable. Especially since I am almost completely convinced that we live in an electric universe. ~cm

☯ * 33 is publically at the top, but some orders have 200 levels above the 33rd while still others have about 300. The plain truth is that there are no real experts in this since things change from lodge to lodge; sect to sect very fast. Nothing is carved in stone here except for their Laws and Rituals.

However, there are exceptions in the lower levels of the Order. 3rd, 32nd, and 33rd can and do most times have significance above the other levels. Albert Pike was a 33rd Mason and believe me when I say, he was very high ranking and an elder in the order above all others. However, you should realize that when A Pike was involved, that was well before the other levels were slowly added over the years.

As far as bloodlines go, it can be important, but not always since there were individuals brought into the fold via invite because they held a position of importance or were destined to. However, careful and advanced research will show just how many are related and even across races.

Basically, the levels that you can see are just a cover for what really happens above. There are also secret locations that you will never see or hear of where oaths and rituals take place.

Let's be clear here concerning this topic. This topic of Freemasonry and the Masonic Order has been intentionally sprinkled and skewed with misleading and sensationalizing horseshit and bullshit! The so-called attachments to things like King Solomon, his temple, Kaaba, Abraham, Moses, King David, and even Jesus are wrong. The Masonic Order has not been charged exclusively with the secrets of and the controlling of the entire universe. That can actually be done to the extent that would be allowed by anyone once they become aware of how everything truly works. Their job is to misdirect you from these truths.

They do not have superior minds to yours. Nor can they read or control your mind. They cannot travel through time or relocate to any desired location at will. Plain and simple, you would be giving them much more credit than they deserve.

The public and even 99.99% of Masons themselves view the Masonic Order/Knights Templar/Illuminati as the ultimate controlling organizations, but they're not! Far from it!

Why should they tell anyone anything at all? It's for them to know and for you to find out. After all, there are no real secrets. Only hidden things waiting for you to discover. That's how they've designed everything. Look on their lodge walls. It's all there for anyone and everyone to see and to interpret. If you wanna know, then put in the time! I did it, so why can't anyone else? ~cm

☯ * We are all connected at a much deeper level than we will ever know. Why is this so? It's certainly not because of the electric fields out in space, or the dark matter or even the anti-matter. It's not because of gravity or magnetism, or even the vacuum of space. It has nothing to do with physics or quantum mechanics. As a matter-of-fact, it has nothing to do with any of those forces or mathematical equations or theories whatsoever! However, the answer is a simple one and one that might be frowned upon at first and even completely overlooked. The answer is LOVE because LOVE is the most powerful force in the entire universe! ? ~cm

☯ *

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☯ * "Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth... there is no spoon. Then you'll see, this is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself." ✡ ~The Matrix