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Location: Staten Island, New York City
Bio: posted 11/19/18 ☯ * Prepare for a major division and possible violent revolt within the ranks of the democratic party. ~cm ✡

* The Law of Reciprocity: Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom… Luke 6:38 KJV King James Version

Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be given to you. For with the same measure you measure it will be measured back to you. Luke 6:38 WEB Word English Bible

* You cannot become a winner in this world until you first become a winner in your own mind! ~cm

***How To Enter Advanced Flow State:
Use Smart Drugs, Natural Nootropic Stacks, with Brain-Enhancing Compounds Daily for Increased Alertness and Concentration, Super Focus and Advanced Flow State. ~cm

Define Flow (Flow State): In positive psychology, flow, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. ~Wikipedia

☯ The Power Of Observation: Oh Reality, I Have Created/Influenced You By The Very Act Of Observing You! ~cm ✡

* We Spend So Much Time Thinking, That There's Barely Enough Time Left For Doing! ~cm

* 1. Started Me Young - Masonic Order and the Esoteric Mystery Schools:
Raised deeply entrenched in the Masonic Order and the Esoteric Mystery Schools. However, during that endeavor and at the tender age of 8 years old, gave my heart to Jesus. The answers to all things are themselves hidden within Mathematics, Scriptural Mathematics, and Sacred Geometry as well. There are no secrets, only those things waiting to be discovered. Be still and know! ~cm

* 2. Well On My Way - From Cold Darkness to White Hot Light:
I was born a cold and dark ember unable to see in the darkness that engulfed me. However, someone cared enough to place me into a growing group of glowing white-hot embers. These glowing white-hot embers embraced me and redirected their glowing white-hot effulgence towards me. As a result, I began to glow and grow until one day, I also became a glowing and white-hot ember as well! ~ cm

* 3. Established In The Group - The Minds Of The Company You Should Keep:
They are the 'Epigenetically Altered Individuals' that you should associate and mingle with. They are a group of individuals who interact with one another also sharing similar interests. When enough of them are gathered together in one place, it is awesomely electrifying and stimulating beyond normal understanding. Unbelievable occurrences and unexplainable phenomenon are the order of the day and/or the rule of the night. One need only be there to begin to understand. No, I'm not talking about satanic rituals or any of that nonsense. I'm talking about the gathering of great and superior minds.

Point Being: Genes and Genetics are never set in stone and can and will be influenced and even altered by the environment they are placed in. Thus, 'Epigenetically Altered Individuals.' ~ cm

* 4. Outwardly Looking Inwardly - I Do Not Endorse Secret Societies, But:
I myself personally do not endorse any secret society and especially the Masonic Order and the Illuminati, but in spite of this, and in all of my years of study, I have come to the realization that they are the guardians to all the hidden things of the universe. I know that some Christians will have a problem with this, but sometimes we must accept the truth even when it hurts and goes against everything we've ever been taught. Even Bible scholars do not possess this knowledge unless they were raised in a dual and side by side teaching of both Christianity and other esoteric teachings. Even Jesus taught certain individuals such as his Disciples esoteric knowledge, but it was not meant for the masses. The masses were taught only the exoteric value of everything and not the esoteric; that which has a much deeper meaning. ~ cm

* My Personal Interests, Research and/or Learned Expertise - Since this is actually a biography page, I suppose I should say a bit more about myself and as much as a public forum on the internet will allow me to say. My Academics/Academia are not really significant or important here. However, below are most of my fields of interest, research and/or learned expertise:

The Human Mind, Ego, Universe, Non-Material Sciences, Non-Physical Phenomena, Unorthodox Physics and Sciences, Intellectual Dark Web, Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Physics, Arithmetics and Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Matter, Space Within Matter, Electric Universe, Entanglement, Duality, Time Travel, 0.23 Seconds Hypothesis, 0.042 Second Time Quantum, Consciousness, and Quantization, Secret Societies, Trigger Keywords and Phrases, Interrogation Tactics and Countertactics, Science of Delusion, Scriptural truths, Esoteric Knowledge, Alternative Medicine, Multiple Business owner such as Internet Sales, International Product Broker, Import/Export, Real Estate, Stock Market, Commodity Markets, Precious Metals...

I am not so much a Doomtard as I am a seeker of those hidden things that just about everyone misses or lacks interest in. Since these truths are just that, truths, they are the things of real importance and who we truly are. Where we have been, where we are now, and even more importantly, where we are headed seems to be unknown at the moment. ~ cm

* Challenging The Old Order And Paradigm:
Dare I overstep what shouldn't be said and say that there is division amongst the Masonic Order and within their ranks? Some see a need for change, while still others prefer the old paradigm of rule by forced control and power. However, the new guard is challenging the old guard.

Here's why: A happy slave will always produce much more than an unhappy slave simply because they have no idea that they are a slave in the first place! ~ cm

* Consciousness, Time Quantums, and Quantization:
Consciousness is not a consistent or steady flow. Instead, each state of consciousness is broken down into packets of 0.042 seconds called Time Quantums and is equaled to '1 moment of consciousness,' and which is packaged for storage in one's subconsciousness for later retrieval. This is known as Quantization. ~ cm

* Entanglement Applies To Everything:
Yes, entanglement applies to everything. I've always said that. Even such a thing as entanglement between people and their thoughts. When I see the double slit experiment where the very act of observing changes the outcome, that's when I stand up and take notice. This is the reason why I've always stated everything communicates. Even Albert Einstein really didn't get it at all and had to study it after being told by others. He had a hard time with the idea, but when he finally did come around, he stated, "a spooky action at a distance" comment.

Everything is not always as it seems. Not only does the electron of an atom rotate around the neutron and the proton, but they have discovered that an atom also pulsates like light. So simply put, all matter has movement via vibration and also light waves. What we perceive as a steady light is actually pulsating light waves. The quantum world is amazing! ~ cm

* The 0.23 Second Time Lapse Delay and/or Hypothesis, The Phantom Time Hypothesis, Déjà vu:
As a child, I was always taught that we lived slightly in the past so that if something went wrong, there was enough time to make the needed corrections. But in a quantum entangled environment, not much time would be needed. Even a 0.23 second-time lapse/delay would give more than enough time.

It was always driven home to me how everything happens almost instantaneously. Even in our reality-based and already present perceptions and illusions and that the universe is quick to act and react. We just don't have the required superconsciousness to fully see it.

It also seems that many times the universe has a sense of humor while constantly playing mind games and illusionary tricks with what we perceive to be our true reality. I, myself have seen this happen hundreds of times since I have tuned myself into this strange and yet very bizarre reality. The only way to achieve this is to let go of trying to understand it. You must clear yourself of all preconceived notions by washing the slate clean. You must create a void or a vacuum that is ready to be filled no matter the truth even if it's harsh to accept.

A glitch in the system shows up as a moment of Déjà vu same as in the movie the matrix, but by the time the glitch shows itself, the glitch has already been corrected. Sometimes it may even be possible for time to stop for longer periods of time, and since we ourselves would be a part of it, we wouldn't even notice anything different. Thus, the Phantom time hypothesis has been born while never even knowing why. Just that somewhere, someone knew that something wasn't right! ~ cm

* All-Time Is Constant And In The Present:
This all comes down to the idea that most cannot grasp this simple concept and truth. As long as there is no interference or resistance, time will always remain constant.

Anything that has ever happened, or anything that is happening now, and even anything that is still yet to happen, are all happening together in this present state. This concept simply states that there is only this very moment and that all matter and events are connected as they always have been, are, and will be and can never be separated and that they all occupy the same time and space.

Time travels faster than the speed of light squared because time does not exist in an understandable state. Therefore, there is no movement of time, only a perception of it. Time is constant in the present only. People in earth ages past were aware of these truths. ~ cm

For now, we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 1 Corinthians 13:12 King James Version (KJV)

* My thoughts and perspectives on time: Is time relative or constant?

1. Time may seem normal on one end, but not on the other end since space can become distorted, time can become distorted as well. Sometimes, time can travel in a not so straight line same as light. However, if all goes well, time would be considered a constant and only relative between two points, but not while in motion, but motion is only an illusion just as time is. In the end, however, there is no such thing as both time and movement. Only your perception of both. ~ cm

2. Everything is always in the present. There is really no past and no future because all are just attached to one another like one big snapshot. There is nothing that has already happened or anything that will happen because everything is happening right now! 

If you sit down a contemplate this idea, it will begin to make sense after a while. It's just something that cannot be explained because there were never any trigger words designed to convey this concept. None that humans can understand or speak/form/sound out as of yet. ~ cm

3. We are lead to believe in time in this current reality simply because we see seasons during the year, rot, and decay, dates on calendars... etc. We see the sun rise and set and the planets moving, so we believe we are seeing the passage of time. However, this current reality is just one of many trillions upon trillions of dimensions. This dimension was designed to look that way but all other dimensions have no passage of time. Ask anyone who experiences a DMT trip what they see and they will always tell you that there was no such thing as time that they could compare anything to. ~ cm

4. When you do something you hate, time drags on because you are creating time in relation to your mood. It's a long slow vibrational wave. However, when you love what you're doing, time seems to speed up because your mind is trying to react and mimic the way time reacts. That is a short fast vibrational wave. That said, the mind is capable of actual minor creation. 

I guess the easiest way to explain this is that since the very first day of creation of the universe (Yes, that's right, the universe is not eternal) and until someday if and when it will end, (which it will not) that whole timeline (for lack of a better phrase) actually is already happening in the now, but all in the blinking of an eye. Like a camera snapshot all at once. It's that fast even though the word fast implies time, I hope you can see my whole point.

I fully do understand all of this but cannot find the words or ideas to describe it. ~ cm

5. Only as much as the mind can perceive it. It has already happened in the present. The idea of light years and light years of time travel is all meaningless. Something called entanglement comes into play with all things because all things are connected. ~ cm

6. Entanglement says what happens in one place can and will always happen in another place but in reverse. They happen dualistically exactly at the same time no matter their distances and yes, even light years between them. It all happens in an instant. No time needed whatsoever! ~ cm

7. Migrating birds and animals are slaves to time as well since this seemingly instinctive behavior occurs on cue every year. Same with insects and ocean creatures. A Grizzly Bear goes into hibernation. All of these things are seasonal and imply the passage of time. ~ cm

8. Of course, they are all actual things. That was the intention of the creation; on the first day of creation and so on until on the 7th day, The I Am rested. The creation took six/seven days creation time. But that's only in our current reality. This reality is all based on the illusion of time! ~ cm

9. The measurement of a lifetime is relative to its beginning and end. Lots can happen in my timeline/lifetime that will not happen in yours. That's why people live to different ages. Otherwise, everyone would die at the very same age right down to the second.

What do I think happens at a person's moment of death? They just continue on but with a completely different set of circumstances which are now limitless.

Mankind has said that there is a limitation as to how many dimensions there are, but they are completely wrong. The dimensions are limitless seemingly like the sand filled shorelines of the earth. There are hints of this in ancient text and even in Scripture but I cannot show them at the moment because I don't remember where they are. ~ cm

10. Time and even more accurately, consciousness, moves in small increments like packets of consciousness. As long as there is no change between any of these points, time will be constant. However, if there is a glitch causing any fluctuations, (which is not likely) it will show up as a relative disparity between two points and right at the end of one of these packets of consciousness. My opinion only. ~ cm

11. Actually, arithmetics and mathematics are two different things. A unit of measure is based solely on arithmetic. However, time exists solely in mathematics and theory. Also, the vast distances in the universe are not calculated by arithmetic but instead by mathematical equations and theories only. Mathematics is the foundation for all scientific conjecture and/or theories.

Traveling at the speed of light is obviously very fast, and even mathematics says it is possible. Teleportation over vast distances at speed of light squared speeds and which is 186,000 miles per second and yet, that takes time.

However, there is also instantaneous travel where there is zero time involved. Like flipping a light switch. (less the time to flip the switch) How does someone calculate that kind of mathematical theory? Yet it is obviously happening. Spiritually and dimensionally that is and just out of our reach... for now! ~ cm

* Large Toxic Comet or Comets Coming:
Red, Green, Blue (RGB):
Red Iron dust in Earth's Atmosphere.
Green Algae on fresh waters.
Blue Fluorescent waters and snow at night. ~ cm

For many years I have hinted in relation to this RGB phenomenon in a more and seemingly metaphoric concept. And yet it is exactly what it claims to be; though, symbolic in its presentation and nature. It involved comets of an unknown origin which will release reddish iron dust thereby causing red daytime atmospheric conditions similar to the use of 'Red Lens' on 'Mars' as well as red moon phenomena in the darkness.

Green algae on freshwater ponds and lakes worldwide as well as saline sensitive blue ocean wave phenomenon as well as both freshwater and saline ocean snow infused with a fluorescent bluish hue.

However, I do not know when this will occur and yet this is common knowledge in certain circles. This is similar to the Catholic '3 Nights/Days of Darkness,' which may also be related to and/or not. ~ cm

* "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." -Nikola Tesla.

* The Akashic Field or Akashic Records:
In Theosophy and Anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by Theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane. ~Wikipedia

Anthroposophy is the philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner that postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world, accessible to human experience through inner development. More specifically, it aims to develop faculties of perceptive imagination, inspiration, and intuition through the cultivation of a form of thinking independent of sensory experience, and to present the results thus derived in a manner subject to rational verification. Anthroposophy aims to attain in its study of spiritual experience the precision and clarity attained by the natural sciences in their investigations of the physical world. ~Wikipedia

Theosophy, also known as Christian theosophy and Bohemian theosophy, refers to a range of positions within Christianity which focus on the attainment of direct, unmediated knowledge of the nature of divinity and the origin and purpose of the universe. They have been characterized as mystical and occultist philosophies.[1] Theosophy is considered part of Western esotericism, which believes that hidden knowledge or wisdom from the ancient past offers a path to enlightenment and salvation. ~Wikipedia

* Samadhi (Silence is the Language of God):
Samadhi is to learn to die before you die. Life and death are like yin and yang, an inseparable continuum endlessly unfolding with no beginning and no end. When we push away death, we also push away life. When you experience the truth directly of who you are, there is no longer any fear or life or death. ~Samadhi - Part I - "Maya, the Illusion of the Self"

* Time Travelers at the Cross:
As in one dimension, all is the same.
From past, present, and future they came.
While hiding their faces.
And revealing no traces.
Traveling through time, as a conviction.
They came from afar, for the crucifixion.
The mysteries of time, and their plot.
As we think we know, we know not. ~ cm

* My Take On The Moon Missions:
Sometimes The End Justifies The Means: Morally wrong actions
are sometimes necessary to achieve morally right outcomes;
actions can only be considered morally right or wrong by virtue
of the morality of the outcome.

Translation: Morally wrong actions are sometimes necessary!
To breed controversy regarding Apollo Moon Missions causes doubt
in public sentiment. They become turned off by the very mention of
any and all Moon Missions. Now when it comes to the idea of secret
Moon Missions, the public won't even listen. A self-feeding doubt has
been created, and now NASA can do whatever they like as the public
will never question anything. ~ cm

* NOTE: The Following Is Unknown Projected And Passively Circulated Economic Data (What You Should Expect):
NOTE: The following is unknown projected economic data.
TOPIC: Real Estate, Construction, and Economic Growth in General:
Current Situation: Overvalued
Projections by year are as follows:
2018-2019 Growth +8%
2020: Correction at -5%
2021: Correction at -3%
2022: Even
Happening Now: Job Growth down for the next 10 years due to a smaller workforce caused by baby boomers leaving the workforce. The millennial workforce will be much smaller thereby needing fewer job positions. There will be an increase in automation due to this smaller workforce and to fill these vacant positions.
I will have more data coming in soon. ~ cm

* Basics On How To Purchase Products And Services With Silver During The Coming Black markets:
Pre 1965 US 90% silver coinage works well for barter. Especially 10 cent dime pieces for those smaller purchases. If you can afford to, buy a monster box of American Silver Eagles which is 500 ounces of silver uncirculated silver dollar coinage. Buy 90% silver coinage in .10c, .25c, .50c and $1.00 pieces. Don't forget that Kennedy .50 cent pieces are only 40% silver. The originals were minted in 1964 and contained 90% silver. However, soon afterward, the silver was reduced down to 40% to prevent the hoarding of that coinage.

You can see daily updated charts and quotes which shows the current spot prices. Rules of thumb: Gold is for Kings and silver for the masses/common folk. Yes, silver is more realistic for the average purchases in any black market. Gold is for the much larger purchases like cars and things of that price range. Stick with the silver. Know the current values of your 90% silver coinage. It will be priced differently than American Silver Eagles which will contain much more silver. Worn coinage will be valued much lower than an uncirculated piece. Learn the ropes now and by all means, learn the lingo! It's not hard. Just stay current! ~ cm

* Non-Physical Science vs Current Science:
Some people trust science with their very lives and that's a mistake. You should never expect science to reveal the absolute final analysis to those ever enduring mysteries of the human race. Science by itself could never be that savior we want. And, because science is not the creator it could never accurately explain this constantly expanding creation.

There is even esoteric knowledge hidden within the laws of physics in codes and numbers, so yes, esoteric knowledge does pick up where science has no answers. Also, Spiritual knowledge was handed down in esoteric inner knowledge to the 12 disciples only. The masses were only allowed the exoteric outer knowledge.
Whether anyone cares to admit it or not, Spiritual Esoteric and Masonic Esoteric knowledge is here to stay and is more important to who we are, what we are, where we came from, and even more importantly, where we are headed than even science since science is the latecomer to the stage.

People talk as though Spiritual and Esoteric wisdom and understanding are followed by charlatans and warlocks who only do parlor tricks. I can assure you that we are very knowledgeable and that our Spiritual, Masonic, and Esoteric apprehension of truths that we adhere to is well beyond all human intellect. ~ cm

* Grand Masonic Lodge of Philadelphia's Hidden Secrets In Plain Sight:
The symbolisms on the walls of this Grand Masonic Lodge of Philadelphia contains more secret spiritual and esoteric knowledge than you could ever hope to imagine. Every piece of art on these walls contains a spiritual and esoteric meaning and fits all parts of the universal puzzle. Their meanings are well beyond all known sciences. Count the hidden numbers that you'll never see. Every arch, pillar, and scroll have a deeper meaning. Can you see the pineal gland and seat to your spiritual soul? Can you also see the "3" pineal glands, Father, Son, Holy Spirit?

Did you know that Edward Leedskalnin who built Coral Castle based his designs off of the symbols from those walls? His magnetic wheel and everything in his designs.

The mathematics to the universe are hidden on those walls as well and one of the biggest secrets of Freemasonry and which is Magnetism! ~ cm

* I Am Influence:
With a self-thought; mine own self-awareness and with an audible trigger, I have influenced the creation of this portal. Therefore there never was, is, and never will be any need to open it, let alone, walk into it. I always was, am and always will be a part of it. There is zero time here and one image which contains all things that always were, are current and still yet to come. From the largest to the most infinitesimal and beyond where the infinite resides and hides. Every Atom and every grain of sand had a name given it. From the mighty stars to the massive black holes where the substances of life are mysteriously and chemically created both with and without form, to the Stardust and the H2O that seeds and replenish themselves and all things. A place where the things we see as the smallest of things like protons, neutron, electrons, quarks, gluons, leptons and Higgs boson particles are giant monsters in comparison. One cannot exist without the other in their intricate universal dance, spinning, vibrating and pulsating with trillions of colors and hues not yet seen by human eyes. ~ cm

* If You Were To Meet God:
Someone asked a question tonight on this very forum. They said, "What if you met God, what would you ask him and what would your question be?" The following was my reply.

He already resides within you and without you, above you and below you, to your left and to your right, in front of you and in the back as well. He is everywhere. He creates vibration so that you may live, and so everything may communicate and so you may converse as such right here. He creates sound and light, energy and frequencies for your pleasure in song and the sounds of nature; the light of day and the stars and moonlight by night.

Yes, I believe that you have already met him!

However, your question might be, "why have I not seen you?"

His answer would be, "you just weren't paying attention!" ~ cm

* The Universe is Information:
The Universe is pure information and it will continue to expand as more and more information is stored within it. The universe is actually 100% alive and is in a constant flow of inward and outward information and communication. It is the source of all consciousness which is sent out in tiny packets to each individual, so trillions upon trillions of packets of conscious thoughts will make up ones entire life.

Our own brains are not where our thoughts are perceived. They come from the universe as our brains and bodies are the antennae to both send back out to the universe and to receive from the universe. There is crystallization within living beings that capture radio frequencies similar to the older crystal radio sets. The heart is where our emotions are as the heart is many times higher in electrical current than the brain. ~ cm

* Not so Sure of the Big Bang Theory:
I'm not so sure that I've ever believed in the big bang theory since I believe in an electric universe. After all, and since I equate the universe to an ever-expanding brain of pure information, one must ask the question, "what is the source of power?" Of course, it's electricity and the same as it is for any living creature.

The human body consists of saline in its plasma and throughout the entire body simply because saline in pure water/plasma is a strong conductor of electricity. The body is powered by electrical current. Likewise, the universe contains plenty of H2O and saline as well. Our oceans are a testament to that fact since our oceans were slowly released here from ice impacts from the Cosmos. Salt/saline as a mineral was brought here from space as was all organic minerals and trace elements. And where did they wind up? In the oceans even from water erosion off of the land.

It's a fact that pure distilled water will not conduct an electrical current since there are zero impurities/minerals/trace elements. However, water with salt will conduct electrical current better than anything else. Just something to think about when considering how the universe works from a more simplistic point of view. ~ cm

* Are We Limitless:
1st Paragraph Omitted:
There was a movie named 'Limitless' I think it was called. However, there's no need for any special elixir, pill or injection to bring on this state of knowing like in that movie. The way to this state is not by more thinking and seeking, but instead, clearing your thoughts to the point as though you don't even exist. Now once at this point, you become the unseen and non-participant who is just observing.

The secret is in something called 'Entanglement' where the observer has the ability to change that reality that they are silently not even participating in. Even Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein eventually understood these things. It's a very deep topic and 100% unexplainable, but I fully understand it. I just cannot put it forward successfully so that it's understandable. It's like attempting to explain time travel. Even though I say all events that have already happened, and what's happening right this very moment, and what will happen in the future are all happening right now together, people cannot grasp it. There is no past or even future. Only the present and in the now.

It's all the same thing as everything is completely connected. When you see a tree and a sky in the background, they are not separate. The tree is just as much a part of the sky and the sky is just as much a part of the tree because they are both 100% connected! You see? ~ cm

* Psychological Manipulation Techniques and Persuasion:
For your own good, don't be so gullible with most videos you watch. They know that the subconscious mind absorbs everything. They are designed to, 1. make you believe that you are now informed when you are not. They are also 'dead-end videos that actually lead you nowhere. These videos are filled with fluff that, 2. convinces you that you already knew and didn't learn anything new. This causes you to lose interest completely. Now they can do whatever they want.

They, TPTB are the experts in Psychological Manipulation Techniques and Persuasion and they are dancing all around you! At least 97% of your belief structure was uploaded to your computer like subconscious self. Your subconscious self-doesn't know the difference between right and wrong and there lies the problem.

You have been fed keyword triggers that were designed to skew your understanding that may very well incline you to do something based solely on your emotions and without any critical analysis first. This is easily accomplished because your subconscious mind does not understand emotional responses in the first place. Therefore, you yourself will most times not understand because this process is actually uncharted waters for your conscious mind which is reactive and based on emotional responses itself.

You need to pause and hesitate to reconsider anything you do. Especially when there are emotions involved. Ask yourself how many times have you made bad decisions when emotionally stressed? Just ask someone you consider to be hot-headed and how many times they've done just that. If they tell you otherwise than they are full of shit!

Basically, your conscious mind which is reactive and based on emotional responses itself is that way because it is ego driven. By controlling the ego, this helps to control one's emotions while controlling the emotions also helps to control the ego. This is actually another one of those dualistic systems of 'either and or'. The solution, though almost impossible can sometimes be achieved with these two seemingly reverse techniques.~ cm

* Laws of The Subconscious Mind:
Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. To unleash your hidden potential, you have to tap into your subconscious mind power. Tony Robbins, once said, “All personal changes must take place at the subconscious level.” Feb 5, 2018. ~Google

* The Subconscious Mind Seems Oblivious Towards Itself:
The subconscious mind can sometimes appear to be very innocent and naive and yet it is so powerful that even it appears to be oblivious towards that fact itself. We actually become unwilling victims of our own subconscious thoughts simply because we ourselves program them in the first place. 

It really doesn't matter whether they are good or even bad thoughts simply because they have become repetitive and repetitious thoughts. Whatever we speak of most, we think of most, and whatever we think of most, we also speak of the most. The real danger is it can and usually does become an endless loop. Break that cycling loop and then you'll begin to see everything in a very different light.

My point is you feed these thoughts to your subconscious mind and then those thoughts are used to control you. You actually set an unintentional trap on yourself and fall into it and cannot escape because you don't know how. You just continue feeding it and sink deeper and deeper over your entire lifetime. By the time you're old, you are either trapped and depressed or set free and happy about your life depending on the kinds of thoughts you've been feeding to yourself your entire life. ~ cm

* A Continuous Present Tense:
There is no future to fear because everything is happening in the now. The past and future are all connected together in a 'continuous present tense.' Therefore, that would be like fearing ones past. That's impossible! So why fear a future that never will be? If anything, fear now, but since everything is most likely ok in the present sense and continuous present tense, why fear anything at all? ~cm

* Even A Child Could Grasp This Simple Idea: Why Can't You?:
And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. John 16:23-24 kjv

* Being Awake, Critical Thinker, or an Intuitive Thinker?:
Everyone honestly believes that they're awake when in all actuality, only approx 3% are. However, the other 97% go through life mocking others while believing they have the inside scoop while never even realizing that they've been intentionally misguided.

It's never about waking up, though. It's about being a critical thinker, but with an added twist. It's also about being an intuitive, and which there are so few today. Being intuitive means just knowing, but not always knowing why you know it. It becomes instinctive but well beyond mind-based understanding. That said, and of those 3% critical thinkers, the actual intuitive thinkers of that small, special and select group are most likely less than 1%!

It's time to reevaluate one's self and to see just where you yourself stand. Sadly, though, most are more than likely in the 97% group. Intuitiveness is rare and most times takes years to develop, though there are cases where some individuals excel quickly! However, one must be a critical thinker first before ever becoming an intuitive. What about you? ~cm

* ISIS Is Already Here:
ISIL has sent ISIS and they are ready! Don't you believe for one moment that they were disbanded and/or destroyed in Syria, because they were not! Everything is smoke and mirrors and one big distraction to bring your guard down. Be forewarned, though, that they are already here and waiting on orders. To every American, your resolve as a free nation is about to be tested to an unprecedented and never before seen extreme! I fear we have already failed! ~cm

* The Universal Dance:
Someone somewhere sees when you have mercy on the lesser of importance simply because all life is as equally important. All life dances together in a grand universal dance and everyone is missing it! It's never those things which are seen that are the most important, but instead, those things hidden and unseen that counts the most! ~cm

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* Prepare for a major division and possible violent revolt within the ranks of the democratic party. ~cm