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zika virus mosquito in united states bites and infects person with zika virus

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Zika Virus transmitted by mosquitoes in the united states may have just happened.

Florida officials  are trying to figure out how a person got zika virus having never left the state of Florida.

Florida Department of Health made an announcement on Tuesday they are  investigating a possible non-travel case of Zika Virus in Miami-Dade County.
Florida residents were again  reminded to cover up and wear long sleeves and pants and to use bug repellant to ward off mosquitoes bites.

officials in Florida are investigating what could be the first case of mosquito-borne Zika transmission in the continental United States.

The state health department put out a brief statement Tuesday evening saying they were “conducting an investigation into a possible non-travel related case of Zika virus in Miami-Dade County.” The county already had 88 travel-related cases of Zika — the most in the state.

The virus can be transmitted through sex, as well as by mosquitoes, but the release did not mention that as a possible mode of transmission. The health department did not immediately respond to questions.

The most likely route for local transmission is that someone who is infected while traveling returns home and is bitten by a local mosquito. If that mosquito becomes infectious itself, it can then infect other people it bites.
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Why am I not surprised.. And in Florida.. Is this some kinda joke?


Still grace under pressure..
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Good luck to the Olympic Athletes headed to Rio.......... Shock
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