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Ye Olde Cock & Bull Tailgater ~ Adventures Behind a Strip Mall ~ Welcome!

Doesn't look like the heat's gonna' break any time soon ~ so do, remember to hydrate and if you can leave some water out for the birds and other critters wandering about your area!


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We ' ve had a nice gentle rain all night . It 's 60 and still right now , very pleasant .

Meanwhile , later today , 95 and Humidity will be up near 100 % , and I have things to do outside . Going to be Big FUN , I can tell Ya .

Stay Safe All . . .

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Stay hydrated
Just let that shit go
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(06-21-2018, 05:31 PM)Heir Wrote: Got plenty ice . . . excellent !

Now where ' d I stash that extra 50 lb sack of rock salt . . . . .

[Image: ice-cream-off-grid.jpg]


Oh my, it seems like forever since I've had homemade ice cream !! Cheer

What flavor are you making there?
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