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Ye Olde Cock & Bull ~ Adventures Behind a Strip Mall ~ WELCOME!
(Yesterday, 07:14 PM)The Order of Chaos Wrote:
(Yesterday, 12:42 PM)Angry Red Man Wrote:
(Yesterday, 12:34 PM)The Order of Chaos Wrote: @Angry Red Man Nice links! Thank ya. It gives me some reading material. Well done Cheers
More than I could ever manage Chuckle

The funny thing is that in RL, I'm actually a pretty quiet sort of guy. I don't talk just to hear my head roar.

A good day is three grunts and a snort instead of words.  Wink

Hehehe. I'm a bit more talkative, but I have my quiet spells, too.  And that "head roar" you describe. That's probably one reason I write about kooky squirrels.  Just to get those stories out to let room in for other tales. No pun intended.  Chuckle

(Yesterday, 02:15 PM)Angry Red Man Wrote:
(Yesterday, 12:34 PM)The Order of Chaos Wrote: @Angry Red Man Nice links! Thank ya. It gives me some reading material. Well done!
More than I could ever manage!

As an added note:

I think you are selling yourself short.

I did read the Squirrel Wars posts that you've dumped into the thread. Funny stuff. Well written. Great action flow and descriptions. Smooth, realistic, and considering it's talking squirrels, believable dialog. You can see the conversation going just as it did.


And hey, considering the fact that you are not a millennial, you should be able to write a convincing sex scene too.  V6sRZf4

Jptdknpa Poor millennials, not a break to be found. Even in the sheets.  

Thank you, @Angry Red Man, I'll take that as a compliment.  Particularly, since like yourself, I've dedicated a portion of my time to the art of writing literature. With two big differences.  First, you know what you're doing. I've read a bit of the stuff linked and its good. I like it.  Has a nice realistic bent to it, no going to the extreme of credibility and with good pacing.  

Second, I can't slide past the "put the crap down on paper already" phase.      Been brewing a reverse Animal Farm idea that I've had people tell I should try for, but I can't move myself into the right frame to begin jotting it down for that first draft. Just small sections written out. Perhaps need more squirrel insanity as a prerequisite.  Chuckle

I suppose you didn't catch the other meaning to 'head roars' quip. Must be a local thing. When the dog is barking at nothing that can be determined by any of the human senses, we call that 'the dog barking to hear it's head roar', meaning that it's an empty space now filled with sound. Wink I don't talk just to hear myself talk. Frankly, I'm just not that interesting. Anon

As for me knowing what I'm doing... yeah... not so much. I've only been doing fiction for a couple of years. It's outside of my comfort zone, that being the CT scene and info dumping this crowd. I'm mostly writing because I find it fun to do. The more I learn, the more I realize I have much more to learn. I'm not even commercialized yet. That's a whole other aspect of this that I have to explore. Actually selling books. I'm still at the writing and trying to find beta readers and editors stage. I may never even progress beyond that point, but it won't be for a lack of trying.

I currently have more questions than answers, and what few answers I've had have led to more questions. Scratchinghead

Big hint, Grammarly does make my ass look great. Yeah3 https://www.grammarly.com/

I paid for a subscription about 6 months ago. I do not regret it for a minute. You can use the free version but the paid subscription comes with much more in the way of features that I find helpful.

Google Drive is a good tool for loading your works in to put chapter headings, have someone beta read, have someone editing, or otherwise organize your written works yourself.

I don't use a fancy writing program. There are some out there like Atomic Scribbler, Scrivener, Liquid Story Binder, and others. Some free, some pay. I'm using Libreoffice as a writer. Think Microsoft Word but without the huge price tags and the glitches. I'm an old school sort and I'd be happier banging keys on an old typewriter. Libre is as close as it gets without me raiding pawn shops and flea markets and spending money I don't have.

The big thing that I've learned about writing is that if you are not having fun with it, then find something else to do. There will be people telling you the 'rules'. Ignore them. Do what works for you. I'm decidedly a plotter (I plot out everything instead of free styling) and not a pantser (working everything out as you go along), but I have my pantser moments. I'll be half way through a chapter and realize that I can't wait to put down some stuff for a later chapter because it's mixing in with what I'm currently doing. If free style writing works for you, then ignore the plotters. If it doesn't, then ignore the pantsers. Do what works for you. The only rule that you should listen to is that there are no ironclad rules when it comes to this. It's all just suggestions and guides.
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