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WSJ - Gun Maker can be Sued for Sandy Hook
(03-14-2019, 09:59 PM)Angry Red Man Wrote: After reading this, I'm calling around to lawyers tomorrow.

I'm planning on a class action lawsuit against the makers of flat and silver ware.

Using their products has made me fat. If they hadn't of made it, I would have to use my fingers and tip the bowl to suck soup right from the bowl.

Maybe we can get the people who make the plates, serving utensils, pots and pans, and napkins too. The thugs. Imagine making those products just so people could eat and get fat and have strokes and heart attacks...

Let me know if y'all want to join me in this justifiable action against such irresponsible manufacturers such as Oneida.


I’m in Chuckle
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So I get to sue Nike because running makes my knees hurt!


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(03-14-2019, 06:47 PM)Lily Wrote: This makes me insane. How can they sue Remington. The gun was not faulty, the gun did not act on its own. It cannot do harm on its own. There was no malicious intent on Remington's part. It should be thrown out.

According to the law, you cannot advertise anything that designates other people as "enemies" or offer any product as ideal for killing those enemies. Deciding who is an "enemy" is the role of the government only, and we citizens are only able to have situational self-defense. You can have an attacker, and kill them, but you can't legally decide someone is your enemy and then go kill them.

The case against Remington is based on their advertisement of weapons to be used in combat against enemies, not because their guns were used. It's legal sophistry, a way to get around the obvious foolishness.

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(03-14-2019, 04:31 PM)Munchaab Wrote:
(03-14-2019, 04:23 PM)Mulciber Wrote: "The gun industry suffered a potentially significant legal setback Thursday when the Connecticut Supreme Court said that a leading maker of AR-15 rifles can be held legally responsible for marketing practices that allegedly made the semiautomatic gun the weapon of choice for mass shooters."

- Wall Street Journal


It'll never happen - THEY don't want to face "Discovery" in such a suit...

Heartflowers Heartflowers Heartflowers

Yeah, like, what if Sandy Hook never even happened....what a racket! Let's sue somebody for inventing something that was used to kill somebody in a situation that didn't even happen. And a kid that was supposedly killed shows up standing behind Obama when he signs into law more gun control legislation in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

I see said the blind man to the deaf woman over the disconnected divesture AT&T line.

I'd say anyone serving in CONgress who can't understand that we have the 2nd Amendment, who is offended by it, just doesn't need to serve in our government. Problem solved.
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