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Wisconsin girl kidnapped. Parents murdered*Update*She's been found alive !
(01-14-2019, 10:51 PM)Guest Wrote: 10 minutes - Fox News

The suspect's first appearance in court (preliminary hearing).


The first court appearance above was for Barron County for crimes that occurred there - to wit - the original abduction event.

Below is another video that (skip to the 23 minute mark) mentions that Douglas County is still working on collecting all the charges THEY will levy against the suspect ... for crimes that happened in Douglas County ... to wit ... crimes that occurred at the suspect's residence where he held Jayme. These charges will be levied at a SECOND court appearance in the future.


Unfortunately, this means the possibility of even MORE horrific details and charges to be forthcoming in an unspecified amount of time from now.

Unfortunately also, our sighs of relief when reading the charges for the first court appearance, may have been premature.
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