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William Reich: Cloudbusting

by Wilhelm Reich
published by Orgone Institute in "CORE" July 1954 Vol. VI Nos. 1-4; appendix A"

1. Shed all ambition to impress anyone.

2. Never play around with rain making or cloudbusting. The OR envelope which you tackle while "drawing" energy from the atmosphere is an energetic continuum of high power. You may cause twisters. You may stir a forest fire into the wrong direction. You may do other damage without intending to do so. Never do anything unless you must.

3. If experimenting: it is important to observe and know why you are doing what, that you can achieve immediate results. Slowly growing comprehension will secure later results safely.

4. In cloud engineering you do not "create rain," - you do not "destroy clouds," - briefly, you are not playing God. What you do is solely helping nature on its natural course.

5. Have your equipment, truck, etc. especially all metal parts well grounded into water, preferably flowing water. Lack of grounding imperils your organism.

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6. Do not let workers draw OR energy any longer if they become blue or purple in their faces or feel dizzy. Exchange the workers; let them rest far enough way, and have their faces and arms always wetted down with fresh water.

7. Do not hold on to pipes or other metal parts while you draw OR. Always use a separate plastic or wooden handle to move equipment while drawing. Have your hands always well insulated with rubber or heavy cotton gloves.

8. Have signs put up in such a manner that no one is hurt by OR charges. Do not let people stand close by. Among them may be men or women who are ill and would run some danger to their health.

9. Never "drill a hole" into the sky right above you unless you aim for a long drawn rain.

10. When you feel a breeze or wind setting in due to your operation, stop drawing if the wind direction becomes too strong or even if it acquire the appearance of a twister.

11. If you wish to remove DOR clouds, draw in direction of run of OR envelope.

12. If you wish to DESTROY clouds or to stop rain, aim at center of heaviest clouds.

13. If you wish to make clouds grow heavier, draw from the vicinity of the smaller clouds, and have the large or heavy clouds undisturbed.

[Image: cloudbuster-gun.jpg]

14. If there are no clouds in the sky and clouds should be created, disturb the stillness or evenness of the OR envelope all around you by brief, sweeping draws and draw mainly against the run of the OR envelope. To create clouds you must create differences of OR energy potentials.

15. (by PORE) Under no conditions should you have any electrical wires, electrical instruments of any kind, or any radioactive material near a cloudbuster during any operation. Severe health problems may result.

Cite:  https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienc...eich05.htm

A 1950s Discovery, Now Tested Globally, Holds Promise to End Drought, Diminish Wildfires and Green Deserts.
Method Already Proven in Israel, Africa, the USA and Elsewhere.
An independent scientist and former university professor now living in Oregon has,
in over 40 years of field research, verified the method originally developed
by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who called it "Cloudbusting".
(Not to be confused with the many lay-enthusiast distortions.)
Positive results in ending severe droughts and wildfires,
within a few weeks or even days, and returning natural cycles
of rainfall, have been observed in field experiments undertaken
in the USA and overseas, over many years.

Cite:  https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienc...eich05.htm

An Environmental Scientist and Geographer-Climatologist, working at a private Institute in rural Oregon, claims to have a solution to the ancient plagues of drought and famine. Dr. James DeMeo, formerly a geography professor at Illinois State University and the University of Miami, and currently Director of the private Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory has, for several decades, been undertaking field experiments and applications of the Reich cloudbuster.
"I read about Dr. Wilhelm Reich's discoveries when I was a teenager studying at Florida International University, in the early 1970s." DeMeo said, "That was the time of the last big famine disaster in the Horn of Africa, and newspapers and television were full of horrible images of parched landscapes, starving children and dead animals. I was studying methods for combating drought and desertification, and learning that very little could be done using orthodox approaches. That's when I decided to make a more in-depth study of Reich's cloudbuster."
The cloudbuster, according to Reich's descriptions, consists of a special movable antenna partially submerged in water, which can be aimed at different parts of the sky. The device taps into and influences natural energy currents in the atmosphere and ground. When used properly by trained people, wind and weather patterns respond favorably. DeMeo states:

"The cloudbuster makes little sense from the standpoint of classical meteorology. However, both Reich and several other scientists published fairly convincing reports of their field experiments beginning in the 1950s. I read those reports, and found them nothing less than amazing. Over subsequent years, I met and trained with two of the scientists who closely followed Reich's approach, Mr. Robert Morris and Dr. Richard Blasband, and undertook a variety of laboratory experiments to become familiar with his methods. I observed the experiments of others, using large cloudbuster devices, and could hardly believe my eyes at the way the atmosphere responded. As a graduate student at the University of Kansas in 1977, I finally was able to undertake systematic research on the question."
DeMeo's subsequent 2-year study on the cloudbuster at the University of Kansas Geography-Meteorology Department, was a milestone in that he was the first to experimentally test out Reich's biophysical work within a mainstream university. His study, entitled Preliminary Analysis of Changes in Kansas Weather Coincidental to Experimental Operations With a Reich Cloudbuster, produced positive results confirming Reich's claims.

"I studied the influence of the device upon the dynamics of cumulus clouds, making photographs which were then digitized and graphed on a computer, and also 12 different experiments to increase rains. The study incorporated weather data for the entire state of Kansas. The device was operated for only a few hours on the test days, and produced dramatic increases in the percentage of cloud cover and measured precipitation over the entire state, starting usually within an hour or two after the onset of operations."
This element of widespread effects, DeMeo explained, was an expected result from cloudbusting. Reich had discovered a basic energy which he called the orgone energy and which was specific to living organisms, but also existing in the atmosphere in a free form. According to Reich, atmospheric orgone energy exists as a widespread continuum, much like the "cosmological ether" of 19th Century physics. DeMeo was emphatic:

"The old 'ether-theory' of physics was never disproven, but fell out of favor around the same time Reich discovered the atmospheric orgone continuum. Reich's arguments thereafter were received with skepticism because there were no parallel concepts in modern physics. However, the old 'ether-theory' is making a come-back, and possibly that situation will change as well. Reich's discovery was never factually refuted by replication of his experiments with negative results. I was the first academic scientist to actually attempt to replicate his experiments, and got positive results. Reich was only attacked by his critics purely for theoretical disagreements -- they could not believe what he did was possible, and so never bothered to attempt the experiments. This was exactly what Galileo's critics did, when they refused to 'look into the telescope' to confirm his observations. With Reich, however, there have been scientists and naturalists outside the universities who have confirmed his findings -- I was simply the first university academic to do so, and so I owe a big debt to both Reich and others who kept his work alive over these many years."

Unlike the better-known method of "cloud-seeding" where chemical stimulants are dispersed into the atmosphere to affect a small region, cloudbusting uses no chemicals whatsoever, and has both long-distance and persisting effects. It functions by excitation and triggering motion within the large energy continuum surrounding the Earth, and in which localized energy potentials are observed to create clouds and weather fronts.

Cite:  http://www.orgonelab.org/ResearchSummary2.htm
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