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Wikileaks in Next Few Days Will Publish CIA Chief’s Emails, Here Are First 6
Oooh.... THIS should be interesting!

Wikileaks ‘Over the Coming Days’ Will Publish Documents It Says Are From CIA Chief’s Personal Email Account — Here Are the First Six

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Quote:So far, this release of six documents included a draft of Brennan’s SF86 questionnaire for national security positions from 2008. News of this questionnaire, which includes personal information, was reported along with the original hack on Sunday by the Post.
Other documents, all from between 2007 and 2008, include:
  • A fax from the CIA’s Office of General Counsel to the Government Accountability Office regarding “gross inconsistencies” in The Analysis Corp’s proposal and protest at losing an award to a competitor;
  • A draft intelligence paper about the challenge of national security, emphasizing that the “Intelligence Community must never be subject to political manipulation and interference”;
  • A paper about the “Conundrum of Iran, making recommendations to “whoever takes up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January 2009,” emphasizing the need for them to “‘hit the ground running’ on Iran;
  • A 2007 letter from Vice Chairman Christopher Bond of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to others on the committee, regarding the interrogation techniques used by intelligence agencies. “Rather than authorizing intelligence agencies to use only those techniques that are allowed under the [Army Field Manual], I believe the more prudent approach is to preclude the use of the specific techniques that are prohibited under the AFM,” Bond wrote. “In this way, the Congress can state clearly that certain harsh interrogation techniques will not be permissible”; and
  • A bill introduced by Bond, then the a Republican senator for Missouri, to “prohibit the use of certain interrogation techniques and for other purposes.”
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What demographic will be more impacted by this release?
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October suprise?
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