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When it's time to give up the car keys!
(06-27-2019, 10:29 AM)Its The Great Trumpski Wrote: How about when its time to give up your supreme court seat.??

Where's Ruth???????


Are you talking about the front seat or the back seat?
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I can't find my car keys...but it has one of those find me whistles on it.
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Parking forward in the driveway is backwards.

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Speed limits? Speeding tickets? Cops getting themselves cancer with the radar gun?


It's time to start losing Goldfinger.
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Duhpartment of Homeland Security demands a second look at states giving illegals drivers' licenses.

But they have no supporting documention of .... oh no here it comes.... they have no birth certificates to back it up...

Just a drivers' license to make them look legal...

Another war where we don't know who the enemy is...(besides our commie congressman).
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What's the possibility of every air compressor within 5 miles to air up my tires to be broken, not have any pressure, the button doesn't work or something?

I just wanna air up my tires, and I have to drive them off the rim trying to find one that works.
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Ma'am I'm going to have to pull your autonomous automobile over for driving erratically.
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