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(02-12-2018, 11:08 PM)Guest Wrote:
(02-12-2018, 09:54 PM)Heir Wrote: So this Trump Character has how many Corporate Bankruptcies under belt ? How should that Play in This un - Formally Bankrupt Nation ?

Points well taken , however DaJ did an excellent job of hitting the wheel changes before I even got up this Morning . The Economic Model of Doom and Despair no longer need hold true . Starting to look pretty manageable in Key Aspects . Top Down Central Management style appears to be giving way to a Floor Manager style of Lower Up , to determine Wants , Needs and Abilities at the Floor Level .

Quote:Some facts to understand..

70% of US GDP is dependent on consumption. The US is a net importer.
Trillion dollar deficits are and will be the norm for the US going forward.
Manufacturing cannot come back in a meaningful way until the dollar is significantly devalued.
A weak dollar is unattractive to buyers of US debt, which will drive rates up.
Consumer debt levels are very high - when rates rise this debt is tougher to pay back.
When you run perpetual deficits you import more than you produce.
Weak dollar increases the cost of imports and day-to-day life for every citizen.
When citizens have less expendable money they spend less.
Remember that 70% of GDP is dependent on consumption.
You can see the catch 22 here.

And what Percentage of that 70 is solely in " Services " rather than " Goods " ?  You Know , " Financial Services " . It is My Hope that People of influence turn back to actual American Model Capitalism and away from the induced " Finance Capitalism " of Sumerian Swindle fame . How was it that Debt turned into a Product anyway ?

Quote:For many years it was mainly China and Japan as well as the federal reserve who were big buyers of US debt, this allowed it to run the massive deficits and to finance the war machine that technically bankrupt the republic at the expense of 20 million dead motherfuckers in foreign lands as well as each and every US citizen whose tax dollars were wasted instead of used at home. Anyway.. China, Japan and the Fed are no longer so eager to buy US debt, which poses a very big problem to those who raise the deficit and wish to borrow more. This is the end-game moment.

" US Debt " . As usual , un - delineated between Government ( so called Sovereign Debt ) and Private Sector Sources , in that Word so Art . Separate those as components and how much is Private Sector alone ? Such as worthless REITs , and other " Financial Paper " sucked up by International concerns on little more than a Promise?

Will a complete collapse of Private Sector Financing effect Government Financing beyond Taxes ? Particularly those levied to pay Bonds when due ?

This End Game Moment has been touted and anticipated most of My life . Suddenly , it appears , those that stand to gain from U.S. dissolving into History are getting nervous about Their Superior Position in these games of Personal Fortune .

Quote:Rates will have to rise to compensate the dumb people buying the debt of a bankrupt nation... and we know what happens when that happens..


I'm looking forward to a sputter if not a huge Miss Fire in these regards .
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