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Weird craigslist ads that I run across..
(06-01-2019, 08:49 AM)mmmmkay_ultra Wrote: Chuckle
[Image: SoKotYm.jpg]

Not sure if it's sold yet, but I bet the dude got a ton of inquiries!

Great marketing Chuckle
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I love craigslist, especially for busted up non-fixable shit I want removed but the trash company wont take it. I recently got rid of my old washer which was not repairable. I ALWAYS put "DOES NOT WORK/NOT REPAIRABLE" in the ad if thats the case and peeps still come and get things. Guess it's a win/win?!?!
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[Image: gybHo4i.png]
[Image: S4q9I8q.png]
[Image: Y25SgML.png]
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