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Weird craigslist ads that I run across..
(01-15-2020, 08:46 PM)Lizard Lizzie Wrote:
(01-15-2020, 08:39 PM)Damrod Wrote: Now in contrast, I have a hardwood maple china cabinet I wanted to get rid of.

It's the real deal, real hardwood...it is not particle board or laminate...it's solid maple

It's maybe 50 years old....60's era piece.

I put it on Craiglist after my success with the walk in tub thinking "well this shit is easy"

I had about 100 spams and bullshitters.....not one serious inquiry

the cabinet is now in my garage and I use it to store my fishing tackle

works well for it

I ALWAYS put in my ads, "local, cash only, NO paypal or shipping scams."  If they don't abide by my request I cuss them the fuck out via email, text or phone.   Chuckle

For small items, I meet inside the FEDEX store or in the Sheriff's Dept Parking lot which both have plenty of cameras. Large items I will meet them in Walmart Parking lot. Lots of cameras and then escort them back to my house. Am an ex-AF Policeman and have weapons but would hate to blow someones noggin off if they tried to rip me off. Anon
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