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Us orders all non emergency personnel to leave Iraq
(05-15-2019, 08:21 PM)sybdragon Wrote:
(05-15-2019, 06:24 PM)Full Throttle Wrote: Breaking  -------- Israel told to Stand Down in any engagement during this Iran Crisis, Even if attacked.

I don't like the source, so, anybody else have anything about it right now?


This is BREAKING NEWS as of 5:21 PM EDT on Wednesday 15 May, 2019 . . . The US have asked the Israelis to keep out of the Iran fight unless attacked, so the USA can keep an Arab coalition together easier.   Same approach as the 1991 gulf war against Iraq.

If ever there was evidence that a decision to go into battle has been made, this seems to be it.

It is now IMPERATIVE that Americans and others in the West, PREPARE for hostilities.

There are over one million Iranian-Americans already inside the USA and there is no telling how many of them will choose loyalty to IRAN over the USA.


Snippets: At first glance, the plans — a deployment on a scale with the force sent to Kuwait prior to the war in Iraq — suggest that Iran’s decision to respond to Donald Trump’s violations of the Iran deal by restarting elements of its nuclear program has backfired spectacularly.

But there is a different interpretation of what has happened. Rather than Iran walking into Bolton’s trap, it is Bolton who is walking into Iran’s trap. Iran is not being deterred by Bolton’s theatrics and threats of war, because Bolton is actually playing the exact role Tehran expected — and wanted — him to play.

So Tehran’s plan appears to be to accelerate matters toward the point at which Trump will have to decide whether he is truly willing to go to war with Iran or if the strategy of “maximum pressure” will not cross that threshold.

“I don’t think he wants war,” Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said of Trump during his visit to New York last month — spelling out Tehran’s analysis that the push for war does not come from Trump but from his subordinates and foreign allies.

If the plan works, and the Trump-Bolton tensions grow and lead to Bolton’s firing, Tehran will have proved to Trump that it won’t crack under pressure. Trump will be forced to back off from his belligerent posture — just as he did with North Korea — and adopt a more conciliatory tone. With that leverage in hand, Iran may then be ready to confront Trump at the negotiating table.

But having planned to thwart a U.S. military attack on Iran ever since the mid-1990s, Tehran also appears ready for this plan not to work.

I read the the play in this so easy I almost want to vomit. Not yr reply Syb but the post reply you ov.

Giive me a nose with a big 6/9 up-side-down hook. And you'll know. Facepalm
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Top British Commander Says There Is No 'Iranian Threat' - US Ignores, Increases Aggression

Where there is imbalance I am the counterweight. Beware, for if you are a cause of imbalance you may not enjoy my presence.
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(05-15-2019, 11:48 PM)phxsparks Wrote: Probably a good move.  I think there will be another eruption in that part of the world.

As long as the borders of those countries stand as they are now... Yes. There will be spats over there. The area was split up wrong. And yes, it was the western world that had a hand in that. Facepalm

That should never have been done but it was. So now, we are going to see spats until it's all worked back out. And that could take centuries. Those people do not give up. I think they would give up but some of the tribes over there, yes, it's a tribal thing... are hardasses. And besides being hardasses, which they would probably have given up somewhat but for interference for others. A good example of this that I know happened because I watched it go down. I was so pissed.

Back in the day. The Kurds are a tribe. And these Kurds lost their lands, which were divided up and given to Iraq, Syria, Turkey. Each country treats these Kurds differently. Some harshly but that is not always the case. Now the USA walked into Iraq and told the Kurds if they would oppose Saddam, the USA would help them get a homeland of their own. They believed it. During Bush 1's prez time. So the Kurds rose up and Saddam crushed them. The USA did nothing but watch. After all, the Kurds had provided the diversion the USA needed at the time. So they were no longer needed. Saddam gassed them with chemicals.... Sad story and the USA was wrong for that.

Now the Kurds are still demanding a homeland of their own. And it's the main reason Turkey states they are occupying a huge part of Syria. So you can bet the Kurds, who have had a taste of their own country in all these spats down there... Especially in Syria...

Well..... I think until the tribes are crushed until they don't identify with it anymore or at least identify as Syrian, Iraqi or Turkish first anyway. That's gonna be a long time coming. At least this generation will need to die off and probably a lot of their kids before that happens. The grandkids will make it. It's how illegal immigration works here in the USA. The grandkids are the ones that are really integrated. The kids do too but the grandkids are American through and through. So 3 generations of people.....
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