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Hi My name is Ishtahota And I have been banned from twitter...

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This thread is a salacious attempt to lure The One-And-Only James Woods to our little corner of the internets.

James Woods, one of the few conservative stars in Hollywood, has been locked out of his Twitter account for over two weeks now for “abusive behavior,” once again demonstrating the double standard the tech giant holds when it comes to enforcing rules.

Twitter suspended Woods for a tweet that read, “‘If you try to kill the King, you best not miss’ #HangThemAll,” according to his girlfriend Sara Miller.

The tweet was apparently in reference to the Mueller report, which found no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. The quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson and has been used in various forms in movies and TV shows like The Wire.

Nevertheless, this post apparently met the threshold on Twitter for “abusive behavior.”

[Image: 230918woods.jpg]

The people over there really went over the line, not to enforce rules, but simply to show us all how powerful they've become by suspending one of the most popular Twitterers.

James Woods pithy, perfectly composed tweets have brought him 2.12 million followers.

The Conservative Boss and POTUS had his say as well..


This whole damn thing caught everyone by surprise. Including myself!
I follow(ed) JW on twitter and this post and tweet from a follower
3 months ago that got me thinking:


Yeah3 ...and an Idea was born.

For the last three months I have been working on Just that video. I am days away from releasing it and it was in honor of James. I was going to tweet it to him as I think he would appreciate it.

But alas, he is unreachable.

I heard through the grapevine that @Catch is trying to contact his agent and inform him of our adoration and to invite him over here.

I will update this thread as we go along. If there are any ideas to make this happen, let us know! We are not above groveling, begging, and kidnapping.



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He would certainly be a welcome member of this fine forum...

He's witty and factual, always reminds me of the phrase (which I'll modernise for context)...

"If you want to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh, or they'll kill [ban] you!"

Heartflowers Heartflowers Heartflowers
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My name is Frigg Stuyvesant and I welcome you, James Woods.

Although I was always a fan of your acting I am even more in favor of your mind and thoughts regarding our country.

We all think you are a great man. We have your back and won't turn on you when things go to shit.

I see you as a sharp level headed commentator. Not a mindless stooge of the communofascist left.

You are one of the few. It was always the few who ever made any lasting positive change.

I imagine this is tough going for you. ...if you are going through hell don't stop! keep going!

With over 2 MILLION listeners/fans on that platform, I am sure you are aware of your importance in our struggle to MAGA.

You are most welcome here. We hope you get the message, James.

Feel free to join up under a pseudonym if you like. We will be watching.

Think for yourself

...tell the person next to you ..You Love Them.
Knock and the door will be opened.

Cognitive Dissident...
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Hey thanks for the pin!


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(05-11-2019, 06:33 PM)Ishtahota Wrote: Hey thanks for the pin!



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I can`t imagine the traffic here if JW were to reg. up...Too cool!
Fuck That Shit!
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Nice job Ish.
Getting off the beaten path puts your soul back on track
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Yo, Mr. Woods ~ stop by the C&B ~ beverage of your choice on the house ~ ALWAYS!

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Mr. Woods,

You were the only reason I was on twitter

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May 2018

When you strike at a king, you must kill him

American philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson is famously quoted as saying “When you strike at a king, you must kill him”. This saying is a truth of such magnitude that it risks being a “reductio ad absurdum” logic fallacy. Not because the argument is absurd, but because the truth of it is so profound that any failure to comprehend the consequences is an absurdity.

Sometime in 2015 a coalition of senior Obama administration officials made the conscience decision to engage in just such an act. They decided that it was in the nations best interests (well, their opinion of what the nation should be anyways) that Hillary Clinton become the next POTUS, and that to that result, they would engage in whatever actions were required to achieve that end goal.

When that goal failed to materialize, all evidence appears to indicate they discovered that the actions they had taken put them in legal jeopardy of serious federal felony prosecution. They had “Struck at the King” but failed to kill him, and consequently were left with no choice but to continue striking at him in the hopes of killing him before the King could retaliate.

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