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Hi My name is Ishtahota And I have been banned from twitter...

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This thread is a salacious attempt to lure The One-And-Only James Woods to our little corner of the internets.

James Woods, one of the few conservative stars in Hollywood, has been locked out of his Twitter account for over two weeks now for “abusive behavior,” once again demonstrating the double standard the tech giant holds when it comes to enforcing rules.

Twitter suspended Woods for a tweet that read, “‘If you try to kill the King, you best not miss’ #HangThemAll,” according to his girlfriend Sara Miller.

The tweet was apparently in reference to the Mueller report, which found no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. The quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson and has been used in various forms in movies and TV shows like The Wire.

Nevertheless, this post apparently met the threshold on Twitter for “abusive behavior.”

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The people over there really went over the line, not to enforce rules, but simply to show us all how powerful they've become by suspending one of the most popular Twitterers.

James Woods pithy, perfectly composed tweets have brought him 2.12 million followers.

The Conservative Boss and POTUS had his say as well..


This whole damn thing caught everyone by surprise. Including myself!
I follow(ed) JW on twitter and this post and tweet from a follower
3 months ago that got me thinking:


Yeah3 ...and an Idea was born.

For the last three months I have been working on Just that video. I am days away from releasing it and it was in honor of James. I was going to tweet it to him as I think he would appreciate it.

But alas, he is unreachable.

I heard through the grapevine that @Catch is trying to contact his agent and inform him of our adoration and to invite him over here.

I will update this thread as we go along. If there are any ideas to make this happen, let us know! We are not above groveling, begging, and kidnapping.



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UPDATE! VIDEO DONE~The official~ JAMES WOODS WELCOME THREAD!!!~~TWITTER ANONYMOUS~~~~ - by Ishtahota - 05-11-2019, 06:03 PM