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Two Weeks Ready- preparation
FEMA says to have a 72 hour kit but most events last longer that 72 hours but it is good to be prepared and able to provide for ones family until help arrives. We were once snowed in for 5+ days and that is just a weather event. Many of us are prepared in some way but sharing of knowledge helps those that are not prepared plus often others have a way that is new and better way of doing things.

***First is water: One gallon per person per day for 14 days. For a family of 4, one should have 56 gallons of water available. If you are storing store bought water, in my experience the milk jug containers can leak. After many disasters, I spend a bit more and have the harder plastic water jugs stored. If you can only afford to store the store-bought milk jug water, check your storage because walking into a wet closet is not fun. Old soda liter bottles are great storage containers.

*** Store what you eat, eat what you store. Many say to store rice and beans. Yes, that is wise but know how to cook a bean before disaster happens. I personally do not store a lot of beans because of the elevation. I have cases of canned beans because I can rotate them out through the year.  Always remember KISS- keep it simple stupid. Oatmeal and pancakes are cheap, simple and filling.

*** 3000 calorie a day. That is what experts say to prep. I have never followed that. In the case of two weeks food storage, I store meals for short-term prep but long-term is different. Think two weeks of meal prep from your cupboard. In power-outages, eat from your refrigerator first, freezer second than your cupboards.

Oregon is a very pro-active state with a great preparedness program. Due to earthquake, volcanic and other dangers, Oregon preaches Two Weeks Prepared.

Here is a great Red Cross basics on preparation. It is tailored to Oregon but there is a great check list and information that applies to preparedness situations.

Hopefully other here will add to this.
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I have been saying this for days

thanks for backing me up FEMA

Survival is not as hard as some people think or very expensive

but you have to do it

a month worth of food for 30 to 50 bucks if you are not a retard
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People get confused on what is necessary for survival

you do not need a lot to survive and you must constrain yourself and not over indulge.

Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds anyway

the human body can survive on surprisingly little. Most of us are so used to over indulging we forget this fact....which is why we are fat.

to stretch your preps, you need to eat less, not more....each meal should be small and less than the size of your fist when compressed together
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I remember my 20's...I was skinny as a rail.  I was 6'-3 of wirey crazy.  I could kick the top of a door frame.  I was crazy healthy back then.  I ate well and partied hard.  When the munchies kicked in, my metabolism was so hard and fast, I could eat like a maniac.  I remember a time when me and a couple of my buddies were asked to leave an all you can eat pizza buffet...we got baked and went in and I think I had 18 slices, one guy had 21 and another guy had like 25.  We were all skinny and healthy but superstoned at the time.  We blew that crapoff like nothing.  No one gained an ounce

Now, I don't think I can eat 6 slices of pizza much less 18.  That was a long time ago

Your food intake is very relevant to your metabolism.  Young, fast metabolisms need more food and energy...old fucks like me, not so much anymore
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(02-06-2020, 03:53 PM)Guest Wrote: Your food intake is very relevant to your metabolism.  Young, fast metabolisms need more food and energy...old fucks like me, not so much anymore

You are so correct. That is why I do not follow the must have 3000 calorie a day. I do not eat like that normally. The calorie calculator says I need less than 2000 per day.

Two weeks prep is easy if one just steps back and plans meals.
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Here is a great article that gives you meal suggestions for 90 days. They even give you a shopping list. They specified Angus farms powered milk but one can use Nido. Nido does not have a long shelf life but is good and easily found at your supermarket.

Food To Survive Pandemic During Quarantine | At Least 90 Days

by Ken Jorgustin | Updated Feb 9, 2020

Here is the grocery list for 90 days/ 2,000 per day (one person)

Grocery List for 90-day Meal Plan

Augason Farms dry-milk (3) #10 cans makes 270 cups (~17 gallons)
Pancake Mix (2) 32-oz boxes Aunt Jemima ‘Buttermilk Complete’ makes ~120 4″ cakes
Oatmeal packets Box of 45
Spam (8) 12-oz cans
Jelly (1) large 30-oz jar of your favorite
Butter (2) pounds for toast & bread-making
Flour (3) 5 pound bags for ~15 loaves of homemade bread
Canned Chicken (30) 12.5-oz cans
Canned Tuna (23) 5-oz cans
Mayo (3) 30-oz large jars
Mac-n-Cheese (12) boxes
Peanut Butter (1) 40-oz large jar
Pasta (5) pounds
Pasta sauce (6) pints
Rice (8) pounds
Dry Beans (2) pounds
Canned Corned Beef Hash (9) cans
Peanuts (7) 16-oz jars (pounds)
Canned Green Beans (12)
Cans of Carrots (12)
Canned Corn (12)

link shows meal plans- https://modernsurvivalblog.com/survival-...much-food/
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don't forget the medical pack
Multi vitamine
rubbing alcohol
cough drop
dressing 20x40cm;
dressing 15x20cm;
Compresses 10cm x10cm;
Hydrocolloid strips for ampoules;
Pair of scissors ;
Latex gloves;
Surgical masks (dust, epidemic, etc.);
Antiseptic pods;
Healing, wound disinfection
Open wound: adhesive sutures;
Hemorrhage: Hemostatic cushion;
Cleaning wounds with questionable water, constipation: 1 sachet of magnesium chloride per 1 liter of water.
Irritation, eye injury: Pods of desomedine antiseptic eye drops;
Thorn, splinter: Splinter forceps;
Pain: Tylenol
Anti-inflammatory: Voltarene tablet
Poisoning, gastritis: Activated carbon
Diarrhea: Imodium
Include 1 month of treatment of essential drugs for your chronic conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid, heart, depression
A good man is hard to find
A hard man is good to find  daydream
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I know there are people who live within a mile of me who haven't done one damn bit of preparation.
That's why I consider a shotgun and buckshot to be an essential preparation tool.
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Really good list @maxie.

Quote:Anti-inflammatory: Voltarene tablet
I have never taken these. Where do you get them? and any other info you want to share about them.
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But don't store up too much, or at least don't tell anyone if you do.
"the good of the many outweigh the good of the one."

The government will come and confiscate your supplies after TSHTF event to be distributed among those who were too stupid, lazy or ignorant to take care of themselves.
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