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tulsi "the iraq war vet" gabbard is running for president
(01-11-2019, 10:34 PM)Guest Wrote:
(01-11-2019, 10:27 PM)bigD111 Wrote: Don't know much about her, but supported Bernie?  Hired his campaign manager?   V6sRZf4

Trump fired general McMaster
Trump hired john 911 Bolton
Trump hired Rudy 911 guliani
Trump hired Alex the pedophile Acosta
Trump hired Gina 911 haspel

Trump fired general mattis
Trump fired Sean Spence

if you haven't noticed Trump fired patriotic generals and hired 911 goons

I noticed an uptick of hate jew bot posters attacking Trump while pretending to be patriots. Who pays you to post, moron? You think you are fooling anyone you pos?
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I doubt she'll make it past the first few months of primary campaigning before canceling her candidacy.

The DNC hate machine is already starting to tear into her. Allegedly she made some 'homophobic' tweets a few years ago and that's being used to lambast her as 'right wing'. Expect more of the same and I don't think she has the 'not give a fuck' attitude about what social media and the MSM say about her to keep going.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if she ended up losing her current office at the next election cycle because Media Matters/Shareblue painted her as too 'right wing' and not 'progressive' enough. You know most of the NPCs don't bother reading past the headlines or even fact checking for themselves so they'll buy her being Hitler in a skirt.
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I don't care who runs for the DNC...

Since NONE of the assholes on the left running have any of my main focuses on their platform:

Smaller Government
Reduced/Flat or Abolished income Taxes
Self pay for abortions, because people who want that should empower themselves
Enforced Federal Immigration Laws, to give back to Americans what has been stolen from them
The crackdown on child molesters

...The DNC will never have my vote.

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