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Truth is the Living Force of Reality.
The Full Realization makes a great difference.
It is not knowledge at all, it is profoundest ignorance.
No knowledge, no knower, only arising.

Nothing ever to be known about that.
There is no cause of it...it does not even exist.
Not stupid, but complete ignorance.

Completely unqualified, without qualification,
and also not qualified to know!
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The illusion of knowledge, the illusion of knower, of some knowledge to be attained,
is suffering.

When the illusion of knowledge is gone, suffering is completely gone,
All knowledge is completely vanished.
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The whole secret of spiritual practice is the freeing of attention, to the point where
that single gesture of attention, in which there is no knowledge, in which everything becomes obvious,
may be made.

The little known secret of passing through the spiritual process without going mad, or insane (and Lord knows, I nearly did),
is the heartfelt release of Fear.
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(01-05-2019, 04:50 AM)Falcon Wrote:
(01-05-2019, 04:46 AM)Stu Wrote:
(01-05-2019, 04:41 AM)Falcon Wrote: You may find something that lifts one veil of many to A truth.

But the TRUTH.

Is beyond mind...

The Truth is not "out there", and "beyond".
It is Here.

It is not somewhere else.
It is not hidden within us, nor behind the world.

It is only obvious.
There is no higher world, that is the special and exclusive
communication of truth.

There is no radical advantage in any kind of experience.
In fact there is no such a world of separation.
It is unreal.

So what is the truth?

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Strike 1.
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Your attention is "preyed upon", and has been going on "forever".
It is not "them".
It is "you".
Or whatever the current weak state is.
So you vacuum in your suffering, and then wonder why.

Do you know
What anything is?
Is knowledge what you’re up to?

Do you know anything?
This ignorance is your eternal, Natural and Divine state.
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At every moment, there is some new form of knowledge,
Some new certainty, this is your experience.

Meanwhile, I step outside and breathe.

But you are not knowing anything. You do not know what it is.
In any case you do not know what it is.
Ignorance is your natural state.

All this knowledge is very complicated and disturbing,
It involves you in an adventure, that qualifies you and threatens you even.
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You are completely free of what arises.
It never implicates you for a moment.
You know nothing about it.
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Your words are hollow and void of spirit.

I still love you tho.

Even when I'm not high AF.
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