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Trump's Tax Returns
Ahhh . . . poor poor Puerto Rican Trust # 1 .

Have not heard a peep from them in Decades .

They sent Me a Dunning Notice once . $40 , 000 ish . FORM #  I forget what . Notice of Intent to Levy was included . A list of mean nasty awful things , with penalty and interest compounded daily  That would happen if I didn ' t Comply or Appeal to Tax Court .

( speaking of 16 year old records , I have that exchange in a little folder )

This was like right out of the blue . I was a Non Filer with low CASH Flow , and never ever had a Bank Account to attach . I didn ' t and still don ' t have a " Credit Rating " to lower . It would be hard to cause Me any Real World Effect short of finding and hauling away that old Ford Van I had . Just wasn ' t likely to happen .

But OH BOY they was rilly rilly gonna get Me now . The Deputy Commissioner of Collections was it , Ogden Office , even Signed the Notice .

Their mistake . Now I had a Name and Office to Serve in the Income Tax Racket . They initiated contact with a Notice and Demand and I got to understand Jurisdiction Claims before Answering .

So , I composed a nice little letter of inquiry regarding the matter and Original Jurisdiction . One page , Business Correspondence Style with CC / File : Hold / Legal notation footer . Had to let Him know I was building a Case File . Sent to His Office , Reg . Return Receipt , Restricted Delivery . He was supposed to Sign for Delivery Himself . That didn ' t happen . Machine Stamped like usual . IRS doesn ' t follow Post Office Guidelines . Having it ' s Own ZIP Code , it should follow Delivery Regulations , just like Universal City  Studios does .

Anyway , I simply asked if He was exercising an Office of Trust or an Office of Profit . If He didn ' t know , ask His Superiors or Legal Department and Respond within 45 days . Didn ' t think He would need 90 and 30 would be Unreasonable .

Never heard back , or ever again . Current Wife also stoped getting weekly Certified Mail about IRS Claims of $ 250 , 000 Owed . She had been tangling with Them since 1978 . Had been Audited twice in the same year , against Regs . And twice for the same year , also extra against regs . That Dance included two Pro Se Title 42 Lawsuits against IRS .

So They stoped harassing Her and We were only shacking at the time , as far as the State was Concerned . My Levy was Officially Rescinded in the County Records and shows up on a Background Check . Hers still shows as Filed long ago and past Collectible Date . Probably still on some limbo Accounts Receivable Ledger somewhere , padding the Budget Balance .

Current IRS Acting Commissioner is David J. Kautter .

Trump Admin . sure has a lot of Acting Officers .

Celebrating Over 30 Years as a " Designated Paper Terrorist " - I Will Stand Corrected - No Legal Advice or Recommended Course of Action Expressed or Implied

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