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Trump's Deal of the Century release date is April 9th
1) No Palestinian State

2) West Bank ceded 100% to Israel

3) Gaza ceded to Egypt


full details pending
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terrible deal giving them citizenship. They multiply worse than guppies and will eventually take over. Facepalm
"We fight for or serve America not because we hate our enemies but because we love our country. We absolutely love the freedoms that we cherish" General Michael T. Flynn.
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He better not split the land or God will split ours...........

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I'm seeing conflicting news and reactions all over the place on this.

Shelf this news until April 9th when the actual full plan is released.


is not like:


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In the meantime totally off topic but I want as many people as possible to see this.

Planned Parenthood is funded with our conservative tax dollars. They in turn support Democrats and donate to their campaigns OUR tax dollars while selling baby parts and organs??? WE ARE FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING the Democrats!

Isn't that money laundering??
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