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(03-15-2018, 10:33 AM)Skyrison Wrote: Looks like to me that is called cleaning house.  Figuring out where the loyalty lies.  Also, this is how Trump works.  You are brought in to do a job.  You do that job very well and get your stuff done? You keep your job.  If you have conflicts or say things about him or don't fit his agenda or what he's trying to do, then you're out.  There were conflicts of interest with Rex.  He was a good secretary of state for the time he was and did what he needed.  He was a good bridge between the old and the new tbh.  That's what I liked him at that time.  But I'm not upset he's gone. People shouldn't be surprised anymore! This is the way Trump does things.  Pompeo seems more of the hardline stance person and agrees with Trump on many things.  There is a reason Trump does stuff.  there's ALWAYS a reason!

I won't trash Tillerson at all because that would be illogical, stupid and pointless.  I'll just say that there WERE conflicts of interest in things.  Especially on things Trump wanted to go hard on or wanted to do.  Also, I do like the constant flushing of people in and out.  It keeps things moving and everybody on their toes to do their jobs or else you're fired.  I was kind of surprised at this but I'm ready for anything at any time.  That's the way Trump works!


Analyzers -> Planners -> Axes -> Implementers -> Runners

I haven't seen any of the final bosses (runners) put in place yet. But we have put in a few axes/implementers in some departments. SOS spot has different categories - but Tillerson's role was complete and he was deemed ineffective for the next phase. Pompeo is on for the negotiations - with all the black knowledge he has, he's perfect for that slot.
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@Snowden is talking about Gina Haspel and torture.


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