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This old quarantined house
You all remember the good old days?
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Now Trump has extended social distancing to the 30th of April....

My damned little pot bellied pig, got under the house and ripped up two thirds of the ducting, the heating and air people were not going to be able to get to it until April 1, they said there is a 750.00 fine if caught doing work during this distancing...

Now my darn barn air-conditioning unit, has a little cylinder thingie that broke a bolt and is vibrating and not pushing cool air out...

Heating and air-conditioning are life essential....

Gosh damnit nabbit to shucky darn...
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My son called yesterday. A close friend of his from college called him and said a 23 year friend of hers caught it and is in ICU at a Richmond hospital and in bad shape. That made this very real to my son and his girlfriend.
I've warned him since February and he listens to me, so they've taken precautions, but they're seriously hunkered down now.
People in their 20s think they're invincible until people they know are effected.
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