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This old quarantined house
(03-21-2020, 05:25 PM)Saul Goode Wrote: We’re similar to you Rick. Good neighbors here - police chief, 2 ex-military, old football star, and plain old me. Everybody has more guns and ammo than should be allowed so our neighborhood should be safe. As soon as winds die down and pollen eases we’ll get kayaks out on the lake and then have a fish fry. I hope all here have great neighbors and family.
[Image: 0-C9-F7-CEF-EBD1-48-B4-AEB2-9-DAD8-E120214.jpg]

Sounds like you're in a very good neighborhood situation.
The neighbors I'm closest to are both Navy vets who fully exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. We also have a Minister here and the hairdresser who cuts my wife's hair. Bonus for her.
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I do wish I had some spare time during this little sit in to read. I’ve got two 20 page papers and a 30 pager on the go. Some macroeconomic analysis for New Zealand and Japan afoot, as well as midterms. It is nice to come here and feel like a member of the world and not the papers and databases I’ve been scouring, however it is pleasant to also have something to focus on besides the impending unknown.

As a side note, I was accepted to law school this past week, I know some members knew I had applied. My daughters have been healthy for the week and are happily painting, playing, and (I know, I know) watching frozen over and over on Disney plus.

I anticipate the most terrible of lawyer jokes to come my way, please & thanks.

I am content, we are prepared as can be, my children are healthy and happy. I am kept awake only by the coyotes in the back hunting and the fear that my acceptance to law school may be a fruitless accomplishment should society never return to normalcy.

I heard the coyotes catch and kill last night for the first time since moving here, the howls of a dying creature off in the distance are new to me, and felt like a frightful omen. But, I saw a shooting star again last night, which felt hopeful.

@Frigg you promised us boat pictures...  daydream
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I'm not where I'd most like to be...but I am in a safe area in a well stocked house.
There is some mountain land in my family that I can see from window...but it will be June before the snow is off the roads.
I wil look forward to that.

In the meantime...waxing the bowstring, getting plants started, reading a lot of peoples opinions...waiting to see what happens and what actions will be required.
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It's eerily quiet here in small town VA. Traffic on the main road is like early Sunday morning all the time.
My wife used to have busy workdays. Now she does a lot of housework to fill time, and doesn't ask me for help. That almost makes me feel guilty... Well maybe not.
The question everyone I know asks is "How long will this bullshit go on?"
That is the most frustrating part. 6 weeks to 18 months, take your pick. No one knows what to plan for. The when or where of employment for people I know, including me, is a big question mark. I know well paid white collar people in the same position. One thing I know for sure is the importance of not stressing out. That's easier now because we don't know what to stress out over. If I was an atheist stress would probably make my head explode in the near future.
The best thing to come out of this so far is increased communication with family members. Free time allows us to call each other once a day instead of once a week.
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When it all starts to look a little overwhelming...
Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God".
Meditating on that helps as much as you allow it to.
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(03-23-2020, 09:17 AM)Rick Farias Wrote: When it all starts to look a little overwhelming...
Psalm 46:10 "Be still,  and know that I am God".
Meditating on that helps as much as you allow it to.


“A ship does not sail with yesterday’s wind” 
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Today I went to work for a few hours. The company is concerned that we may have a shelter in place order and we want the guys to have their paychecks. Many have rent to pay and they are all worried. For me, I have enjoyed time at home. But I have found that I cannot listen to the news or spend too much time on the internet reading about the virus. I am having trouble sleeping and have lost 4 pounds. I really do not want to get around my co-workers. The boss just flew in from another country last weekend and Sunday he called me to say my co-worker was sick. My heart sank but I guess it is just strep throat. I still really do not want to get near any of them.
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We just went on shelter in place/lockdown.

One positive in the county, but that will likely escalate quickly. To make things even better she's my sister in law. We don't socialize and I haven't seen her for weeks, but still... She's just gone through cancer treatments and her exposure was from her CANCER doctor. Can't even imagine the damage, physically, spiritually, and mentally that's doing his patients - the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. Her husband is getting tested today and really praying he's still negative because he's a county deputy and works at the jail with the prisoners.

I can deal with staying home and staying in. Have more to do than I could get done in a decade of lockdown, but it's weird when it's not just a choice.

I walk every day it's not raining and is warm enough. Yesterday, the walk seemed strange for a bit and then I realized it was the quiet. No cars out, no people. I was never more than half mile from the US highway and I heard about ten trucks in my 2 mile walk.

How quickly the world changes.

Love you all!
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Just found out the lockdown doesn't keep me from going to the parks/lakes as long as I as social distancing. Well, I am nor a "social fisherman" anyway, so....fuck yeah. 70° tomorrow says it is time. Didn't do shit today. Swept the porch and garage. Moved more pallet wood inside for making a couple more garden boxes. About it. Mostly kept the dogs as quiet as possible as the wife has multiple conference calls most days with working from home. And agree that it is hard when what is normal behavior for me is mandated by my local government by penalty of law. Fuck that. It just sticks in my craw...then I see stories or just see others being dumbasses and realize that they HAVE to have someone lock them down in order for them NOT time be idiots.
"Why don't you try speaking in words instead of your damn dirty lies?"
~Louise Belcher
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