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They Weren't Interested in Russia until Trump Won
Nigel Farage Interviews Aaron Banks And Andy Wigmore About Russian Collusion. The "Bad Boys of BREXIT', everything that happened with various meetings that they were invited to etc. Theresa May is threatening the guys with a "criminal investigation", because Aaron had lunch with a Russian Ambassador, the feedback from the Ambassador was that he didn't think the leave people would win. Nor did he think that Trump would win either. They share that none of the countries had prepared for the possibility of a Trump win, so Andy was approached by different countries for a phone number for the transition team. The reason why Andy had a number for the Transition team, is because the transition team didn't have a number for No.10. So a woman from Trump transition team asked for the London number, and Andy then asked for a Transition team.

Andy explained that they were stuck in Trump tower for five hours due to the protest outside.


I watched about an hour of the MP committee investigation yesterday, and Aaron and Andy wiped the floor with the Remainer MP's that were investigating them. In the end Aaron and Andy walked out as the committee had gone over the time allowed, and they had a lunch appointment to go too.

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They Weren't Interested in Russia until Trump Won - by Guest - 06-13-2018, 05:13 AM