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"They" are going down. It's happening....don't lose faith
Shit is hitting the fan my friends!  I have been looking up extensively onto this, have taken days off and have stayed up many nights to get info and have MANY things printed in hiding places only I know  connecting the dots on many things and have done very thorough research on everything about this whole thing with the establishment's backroom shady things going on trying to take down Trump when THEY are the ones actually colluding with Russia and the clinton's are totally in on it, as well as Obama and other anti american scumbags that want to make our country fall to globalism and basically not be america anymore. too bad now that will never work. Trump winning TOTALLY put a wrench in their operation for a very very very long time, if not forever because all this stuff is now getting exposed. The media is completely biased and completely controlled.  Even if they wanted to say something different they could not.

I'll do my best to explain what I think is going on based on what has happened through research, connecting dots and looking at back end information myself. Basically nypd gave assange proof from wieners laptop about the 2800 emails. So assange can prove the real Russian collusion is with Clinton and dnc. The Russians helped her make trump the pied piper candidate because they thought she could beat him. They own her because of this uranium one deal that's secretive and is JUST the beginning of it all, trust me. Fast forward.  Trump wins and starts planning this take down with his team. Sessions is in on it. Day before mueller is appointed he meets privately with trump. Mueller helped Clinton with this uranium one deal. So trump gives him a choice. Go down with them or help him. He sided with trump. He is playing his part perfectly. So is sessions. What we are seeing now is assange saying it's time too end this. So either assange drops some bomb or Meuller goes too the American people. Mueller and trump want mueller to do it because it will have more credibility. If trump just arrested Obama and Hillary today (legally they have enough too do it) it would cause a civil war. So they have too let the system do it.

However, other thoughts have entered my mind as well based on, once again, them either keeping a VERY good lid on Sessions or he's playing the game masterfully, Other Thoughts arise.  An alternative mind suggests that Sessions is not part of this.  I think Trump, Rosenstein, and by default, Mueller came up with this plan. I think Trump is keeping Sessions aboard because he's doing a really great job on human trafficking, immigration, and gangs. Trump may have told AG Sessions that he will have to roast him once in awhile on twitter but it was part of a bigger plan and to just keep going with his priorities.  The fact that Rosenstein wrote a letter recommending the firing of Comey is a pretty big breadcrumb that Rosenstein is one of the good guys.  Sessions could be in on it, but I'm thinking Trump is keeping him shielded from the coming shit storm so that he can continue with his execution on gangs, etc...while the takedown is occurring. Perhaps..could be true. I've looked into this as well

Here's the big shit from what I've been seeing over the months

Trump has assembled a separate task force for the DNC, Clinton takedown so Sessions can focus on sweeping up America's filth (pedos, gangs, etc...)
Bigly chess if true. Now, what is this "task force" Dhs is my guess. I've been thinking about Trump, Kelly and homeland security since his replacement was announced. I thought I read that DHS is in the white house in some capacity. Almost everything that Trump wants to achieve can be done under dhs. Its a fairly new agency and it's sole purpose is keeping us safe. He trusts Kelly and Mattis tremendously. He knows they only want to serve and keep us safe. He is probably using some alternative sources of intelligence rather than the fbi and cia which are corrupted beyond all measure. I would guess military intelligence if possible, which would make sense because he trust his generals very much. He is surrounding himself with these men because they know how to fight battles and win. He has JW, Bannon, Gorka, US (meaning the rebel fighters against the establishment, people on 4chan, tor browser, back end rooms etc) , Hannity etc fighting on the outside.

Ok, let's flip this around stick with me. Default into we can all agree on: McCabe, Comey, Mueller, and Rosenstein were ALL in on investigating Uranium One. Mueller even had to act as fucking delivery boy for some samples. Note: the actual sale of Uranium One, a US COMPANY which supplies 20% of our Uranium, into the hands of Russian oligarchs, is not in and of itself illegal. It was the ludicrous bribery, extortion, and kickback scheme which included the $145 million helicopter drop of Russian cash into the Clinton Foundation.  WHO shut down the investigation? It wasn't McCabe or Rosenstein. If they had, none of the evidence we're seeing would ever exist. It wasn't Comey or Mueller; they're the FBI, and if they had, the evidence wouldn't be there. It was PRESERVED to be used later. They can only RECOMMEND prosecution. So who shut it down? Eric give-guns-to-cartels-and-then-play-dumb-when-Americans-get-shot-ain't-I-a-stinker HOLDER. Attorney General for Obama, the lowest on the totem pole for who could have shut down the investigation.

Fast forward ahead. Clinton was SUPPOSED TO WIN and the corruption and la la land mentality would keep up...however...Clinton loses. Shitstorm erupts. Dems and media are trying DESPERATELY to smear Trump/Russia on the wall with their shit. Trump's stuck though. His FBI director is the focus of so much scorn from the Dems that he CAN'T investigate the Clintons and follow through because of the false shit of the bullshit russian theory. If Comey says Trump isn't under investigation, the Dems and the media won't believe him. Something needs to happen.  So, Comey is fired and causes a huge shitstorm with ridiculous stories like Comey's memos that, again, NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN. I'm not sure these memos actually EXIST. Comey supposedly hid in the curtains to avoid Trump at a party of some kind. While he and Trump have this big public feud, Comey then comes out and says, "Yes, Trump was never under investigation, I told him on 3 separate occasions just as he claimed." Such a shit-stirrer he was that even TODAY, the Dems STILL won't let go that he was fired and are still in denial to this day!

Trump is looking for a new FBI director. The DAY BEFORE Rosenstein appoints Mueller as special counsel, Trump interviews Mueller for head of the FBI. It happened, but that's insane. Mueller has already served a full term, and had to get special dispensation from congress to serve LONGER. I don't think he COULD serve a second term as FBI director. And if so, do we honestly think Trump is dumb enough to interview Comey's previous superior, mentor, and friend for a job Comey was fired from? No. That was purposeful. Sessions has recused himself BECAUSE Dems would never accept prosecution regarding Russia to come from him. They think Rosenstein is their guy. No, Rosenstein had the bribery and corruption case of the century that could have DESTROYED the Clintons shut down by Holder. He wants blood. McCabe, who could have made THE ARRESTS OF OUR LIFETIME, was blueballed. Every hearing he's been to after Trump's been elected, there hasn't been any sign of him being a weasel; he even said that accusations that Comey's firing obstructed the Russia investigation were just outright false. Yeah, Comey drafted a letter exonerating Clinton before he even interviewed her. When he was under Obama, and Loretta Lynch. Remember what FBI ANON said: if Comey pushed to prosecute, it would have been the FBI vs the rest of the executive branch. It would never have lifted off the ground. It may have caused a civil war depending on how it went down.

So, instead, he publicly firebombs Clinton. That's right, fuck it, I'm saying it; he DID firebomb Clinton's campaign, because that's the best Comey could do. He did it so Trump would be in office. Sessions recused himself and Comey was fired so that the only people with their hands on Russia are Rosenstein, McCabe, and Mueller, War, Famine, and Pestilence, and Trump on his black horse is Death for the swamp. Comey is brought into Mueller's team with a pardon which allows him to keep stirring shit and distracting Dems and the media who STILL haven't caught on. Rosenstein holds Mueller's leash, and he is now ACHING to prosecute for the crimes he discovered YEARS ago. He sicks Mueller on Fusion GPS and the DNC for working with Russian agents during the election, while Rosenstein attacks the Uranium One deal, and Putin gets the biggest fucking backhand possible as Russia's corrupt investment blows up in their face for doing this. The clintons, dnc, democrats and other "powers" are behind all this. , and the Clintons are charged with treason. "they" see they can no longer pull shit in this country. Justice will be served and these mother fuckers are going DOWN!!

THEY ARE GOING DOWN HARD!!! The media and the left and the democrats keeping up this anti Trump bullshit is ALL A FAKE FACADE they put on so THEY dont get caught!

p.s. If I get whacked because of this investigating, please remember to keep up the fight. I hope it never happens, but I'm onto shit here and all this is based on what I have seen and has gone on. Just let him work
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First year it salvage the second year it's savage!

Watch out you corrupt phony piles of fucking trash that do nothing for this country or it's people. HE'S COMING. and you better be the fuck ready
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Lol. End times. America isn't the world you know? Their civil war isn't my war.

By the way. This research of yours. Have you interviewed any key people or just followed rabbit holes around the web?
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Trump Bump

Let's hope you're right, Sky.

Good sleuthing !! Cheers
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Heavenly Father, please keep President Donald J. Trump and his family safe and protected, along with all the Patriots who are working with him and for him. Protect and Nurture our Nation and help us through these turbulent times. We ask this in the Name of Christ  Amen
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Well thought out, Skyrison. Thanks for taking the time to lay it out for us! [Image: 3823500576.jpg]
[Image: xlU97B7.png][Image: ZiN4Vcd.png]
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could very well be also they were covering for hillary, going along with the things I wrote. there is so much more to this and we'll see what comes of it. Lots of stuff happening recently!
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they are GOING DOWN!!! LOTS of stuff to talk about.
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the globalists are trying to take down Trump, and it's backfiring on them big time. They can't handle him and don't know how!
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(10-21-2017, 09:09 AM)Skyrison Wrote: the globalists are trying to take down Trump, and it's backfiring on them big time.  They can't handle him and don't know how!

Thay cant "handle" "us" either.
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Great post, Sky! Heartflowers I enjoyed reading your thoughts
and believe you draw a lot of cogent conclusions and have
formulated some compelling hypotheses.

Pray we see all of them come to pass! Cheer
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