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The Yearly Gibs Thread
(02-17-2018, 12:42 AM)ChillBro Wrote: Ya'll know me, I don't beg but I do post this thread once a year for those that would like to help out.

The costs of running the joint aren't much but I am a poor so if you guys have some extra shekels lying around this month, that you would like to gibs us, then that would be appreciated as my funds this month have been put back until after the first.

Of course, I will always find a way so it's not that much of a biggie Heartflowers

Let's gibs till it hurts people.... I kid anything really helps

If anyone can and it doesnt harm them please do throw us a little some something.

I can come there and turn you upsides down by the feet and shake the change out yer pockets if you like.


Think for yourself
Hello, and welcome to THE-FRINGE.COM!
This IS the Fringe.  We are here to have fun, see some real news, learn something, and make a few friends.
I really think that someone around here forgot just where the hell they're at.  I hear ALOT of shit talking and posting about shit that ain’t got a damn thing to do with what the hell is going on here.  I REALLY think some-damn-body took a wrong left turn in Albuquerque!
Somebody is coming up in here talking about somebody they know nothing about.  Don't be coming up in my house talking shit on my people!  Bad things tend to happen to the ones that do.  Karma can really be a bitch to those who deserve it.  Y'all NEED to stay the hell in your lane.
We ALL have past.  There is plenty of dirt on all of us.  But if you have your our ghetto, stay there, I will keep this white ass in my own hood!  I don’t know ya, and don’t want to.  But I know that if I walk into a room and nobody wants me there or no one likes me, I’m out, I leave, GO HOME!   I have a LOT of better things to do then bum (troll) around somewhere I ain’t welcome.  I have a life. I have friends. I have a church.  I have a  J.O.B..  What I don’t have is ANY clue why y’all are here and talkin shit.  Get a life.  Hell, get a partner with benefits and find out what life is really about!!
And as far as @ChillBro gos, you are just pulling at straws.  I KNOW him, he is a real dude.  I would trust him with my life and more than I would anyone in my church, or at my job, or on the interwebs!  Yes he has a past, as we all do.  But the difference is he learned from him mistakes and earned his reputation!  He has NEVER hit a woman, let alone his wife!  Cause I sure as hell would never trust a man that hits a woman.  And I have known my fair share!  
He didn’t try to run over his brother.  First off, @ChillBro is a better driver than that.  If he had tried to hit someone, they would be on their way to their maker!  His brother was drunk and @ChillBro wanted to leave (because his brother was drunk) and his brother stepped into the road in front of @Chillbro.   He swerved and missed him; however the drunk called the police and pressed charges.  @ChillBro was arrested and in jail till “a friend” posted his bond.  Those charges were dropped by the D.A. due to lack of evidence the next week!
Two decades ago, when he was a teen, @ChillBro was hanging out with the wrong crowd.  They got hemmed up by the police and everyone there was charged with B&E, felony possession and some other B.S...  But @ChillBro was the only one there to keep his mouth shut and not rat (flip) on anyone.  He took his lumps and paid his debt to society, also repaid the person who had their stuff stole even though he didn’t have anything to do with it, because that is the type of person he is!
He is has not lived an easy life.   And he will probably be pissed at me for telling y’all all of this.  But I will but damned if I am going to sit by and watch as people talk shit about stuff they know nothing about!  @ChillBro is a friend that most people go all their lives searching for and never find.  He will try for ya. he would die for ya, he would even look a cop in the eye and lie for ya!  So y’all NEED to get up off his nutz!  
If you need anything, please call Phone: (00) 31 (0) 800 - 7000
So the one who know who ya are,  GO THE HELL HOME, AND DO NOT COME BACK!  You will be “HANDLED”   Sniper  and it ain’t pretty when y’all are “DEALT WITH”!  Armed    So until then, I’m out, niggas!   Gangstergun
Hey there Papa .

I think that trouble maker is just jealous , besides having become the worthless collector of trash posters .

Wait . . . that serves a purpose , doesn't it ?

Anyway , I think he knows better than to walk into the Real with that mouth and attitude . If not it wouldn't take long . Would love to be there . With Bells on .
Celebrating Over 30 Years as a " Designated Paper Terrorist " - I Will Stand Corrected - No Legal Advice or Recommended Course of Action Expressed or Implied

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(02-19-2018, 06:44 PM)Guest Wrote:
(02-19-2018, 06:11 PM)Ishtahota Wrote:
(02-18-2018, 10:52 AM)ChillBro Wrote: [Image: lop_assholes.jpg]

Can I add that to the smilie bank @Ishtahota ?

Ya, that one just got me banned.


No. I 403'd your IP yesterday when I noticed that despite that you left LOP you were still trolling the people that helped you when you needed money for a lawyer.

I know you will claim it was your brother oldscool, but we both know that ain't true.


Wow, what a way to show your true colors. Calling out your favorite venom spitter, Fork, for her hypocrisy and nonsense without even using a fowl word is trolling? What is you are doing here?

And NO, she did not help me or anyone else. Heman and Uncle Lunatic did if you must know among a couple others and the nerve of you to throw that in my face when I actually gave you props here for pinning that thread out of respect for you and them. And you use it to bash my integrity?

This just show what type of person you really are on the inside.

I am and have always been a respected poster over there for 10 years and never had any problems with anyone. I never changed Av's, never had any 'reports', and flew the Cock & Bull banner (another of the great post count/thread in your history) For all ten years. I had TWO of the LARGEST RUNNING THREADS in LOP's history! The Eric Frien thread was 400+ pages of pure research and brought some of the best sleuths that your site had seen. 400 pages and NOT 1 troll remark, not 1. That doesn't sound like a 'troll' to me.

The other thread which was ALSO one of the TOP 10 threads on your site was the riddle thread. 400 pages of pure ORIGINAL content. Unlike the others that were mostly FB gab threads, music threads, and FE. That doesn't even touch the many other mega threads with over 100 pages that brought people and traffic to your site, including all the traffic from Hollywood producers, casting agencies, and my friends in PR. following the 'Alone' thread.

For what, for you to throw it all away and accuse me of 'trolling' your worst posters?

That's the rub.

You can't even see what that small handful of posters has done to you and your damn site in the interest of money. Your site has been trashed by them and not by longtime and loyal posters like myself.

The evolution of your site is easy to follow and goes hand in hand with Trump winning the election. After that it was all down hill. Your vile pocket trolls and hand-picked snowflake mods took it from there. You let your sensitive passive aggressive demeanor and liberal mods ruin a wonderful place to talk and have discussion. YOU created the trolls that you despise by allowing their venom to be spewed on anyone that disagreed with your or their 'Identity Politics' and ideology.

Olds Cool created a mega-thread which ALSO had hundreds of pages. "You Might Be A Snowflake if..." That thread was introduced to LOP in the interest of collecting the snowflake insanity in your culture and KEEPING it all in one thread as apposed to individually making threads for each link provided. And it worked. It attracted all of your useless trolls, baiters, and haters all in one place. When they came in to that thread they were quickly put In their place and left crying to you because their feels were hurt. What you failed to understand was it was created to alleviate your front page from the Snowflake madness that had polluted it since the election.

Face it, you don't want 'discussion' you want a liberal wet-dream echo-chamber for your precious snowflakes to gather with no apposing discussions.

Take a closer look at your history and evolution of your best trolls and when the troll AV's started popping up. they are in lock-step with your impotence of allowing Fake-News and Trump Hate threads to be pinned by your favorite Liberal posters and hate mongers mods.

I Tried to warn you how it was progressing but you gave NO SH!TS..

[Image: gender1.png]

..And soon it will all be over I am sure.

So don't try being sanctimonious with me and stop acting like this is a part of some bigger plan to compartmentalize the masses like you are some sorta psedo-Anthropologists working for social justice.

We are not fooled.