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The Religulous Thread.
I had a funny thing happen at work a while back.

There is a guy there that is very devoted to his Christian Faith and he is a very nice older guy that is open minded enough to discuss concerns about religion with.

I had ask him about missing books from the bible a few weeks earlier and he said he didn't know much about it.We got on the conversation about it again and I told him " Just imagine what else has been removed from the bible that we don't know about". He said "Yea I guess so". We talked about stuff and he said that I needed to pray for my enemy and stuck me as odd.

I asked him if he had ever prayed for the enemy of the church "Satan",he's the ultimate enemy of all times right? He literally looked at me with his motluth hanging open and all he said was "Well I can't say I have but,I will."
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I am a “follower of Christ” and reject the label of christian.  I also reject all forms of organized religion and their related man-made dogma.

Dogs and cats have souls and are also eternal.  I will want to see my dogs when I take that next step to the other side.  I cannot say the same thing about most people in my life.
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