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The one car you wish you still had
My first car was a 1985 El Camino Conquista. 305 v-8 Teal exterior with blue velour interior. Got it when I was 14 and sold it when I got my license. My family owned a car lot when I was a kid and still do. But during the summer months  I would work at the lot and wash cars and go and pick lunch up in the Camino with a dealer tag. But when the time came my step dad told me that I had to fix it right if I was going to keep it which involved getting it repainted and that was gonna clean my savings out. Or I could take my moms used 92 Explorer for free. So I took the Explorer. Hindsight being what it is it'd probably be still driving the Camino daily today had I just had it repainted. But then again I wound up getting a Wimbledon white and blue interior 66' mustang back in 04' which I still have today! That and a few other rides... Wink

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[Image: XvADORT.jpg]

My 69 HK Holden wagon, it did a couple of trips around Aus.
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