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The Night of the Phoenix Lights At The Truck stop. March 13 1997
The truck stop was packed that particular night.
I was having steak and potato's with a black coffee, in the diner.
Me and Chuck were having our dinner when the Hockey game we were watching on the diners television got interrupted by a breaking news story that Phoenix Arizona had a weird object hovering its skies. The breaking news story only lasted 30 seconds then the game was back on.
Me and Chuck shrugged our shoulders and continued our dinner.

It wasn't until after I finished my dinner and went to the washroom to wash my hands, that I understood the craze that was going on in Phoenix. I was over hearing the truckers in the stalls talking about the UFO in Phoenix, and how the end of the world is upon us.
Out of nowhere a frantic trucker with long hair rushed into the washroom and started snipping huge chunks of his hair off. I asked him what the heck he was doing , and he replied "didn't you hear what's happening in Phoenix? Its the end of the world, and I want to make my mother happy by cutting my hair short like she always wanted me to. I want her to see me for the last time the way she wanted me to look". I shrugged my shoulders and left the restroom.
I over heard a truck driver arguing with his dispatcher telling him he was going home to his family, and he is not driving the truck another mile, because its the end of the world.

I went back to my rig to have a cold one in my sleeper compartment, because it was crazy inside the truck stop. I turned on the CB Radio and the truckers were all talking about the UFO in Phoenix Arizona. After pounding back five cold ones I returned inside the truck stop.
The truck stop had Art Bells show playing throughout all the speaker's in the truck stop. Art Bell had guests on talking about the UFO in Phoenix.
I remained calm he whole time, while everyone else was going crazy.
It was a weird and unforgettable night, 21 years ago today.
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Most peeps do seem to lose Their Sheet pretty quick with any wo - woo wind blow .
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(03-13-2018, 01:24 PM)Heir Wrote: Most peeps do seem to lose Their Sheet pretty quick with any wo - woo wind blow .

I guess that answers my question in this thread https://the-fringe.com/thread-new_ufo_fo...he_us_navy. Chuckle
Thanks @Big Jan Heartflowers
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[Image: Wh18RPO.jpg]

[Image: 6PlxX9O.jpg]
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I think Clyde Lewis might talk about the Phoenix Lights tonight.
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(03-13-2018, 07:50 PM)Big Jan Wrote: I think Clyde Lewis might talk about the Phoenix Lights tonight.

I lived in N. Arizona when this happened. I have seen some unexplainable shit. Scream1
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Great story! Thanks for sharing it!
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Anyone who wants to poopoo that event can go kick a tree. Have a lifelong good friend who lives outside of Scottsdale who saw them that night. I know the guy well enough to believe him if he says it was what it was and wasn't bwhat it wasn't. Very cool, OP, that you got to see that.
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