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The new How To Train Your Dragon movie...... is sexist
Political Correctness; making sure nobody has any fun, ever.
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Honestly, I don't see the issue. Raising a daughter on my own, I am very familiar with most of the popular animated shows and cartoons. I too am actually a big fan of How to Train Your Dragon (still upset that we lost Stoick! lol). But with the new series, having the female Dragon look feminine is just fine in my book. It would be way more upsetting if they had 'butched her up'...which would actually be more in line with today's agenda.

Women are smooth, they are softer and they are prettier. That doesn't mean they are weak, only that they are feminine. I know some very feminine ladies that could hold their own in a crowd of men lol.

I realize the show is simply an animated story but it does have a lot of good lessons for the kids who watch it. I feel the two dragons are excellent role models for kids...a strong, 'rough around the edges' but kind, caring and protective male figure who falls in love with a softer, prettier feminine female figure who doesn't take any sass or BS.

I'm looking forward to the new show :)
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Similar theory and usage to Lobo. The bison was trapped in the ice and was slowly dying before the Lobo found him and feasted.

Legions Of Perpetually Offended

Rabid consumers of Joy in the manner that a Wendigo consumes life.
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