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The fun just keeps on comin'
Oh holy thankfulness

I just started it

it started justfine...not clangingor banging...no weird noises...it just started

I realize i now need to adress a few things but man o man

I am so happy it started without issue

it firedlike there was nota problem at all

this is why I love honda products
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(05-22-2020, 07:38 PM)BadBrad Wrote:
(05-22-2020, 03:53 PM)Guest Wrote: So I think I blew my head gasket today....

I had to run out and pick up a prescription this morning.  I jumped on the interstate to avoid the downtown congestion.  I get to the pharmacy, no problems but when I get near the front of my vehicle, I can kinda smell radiator fluid.  No biggie I think...I just filled the reservoir a couple days ago and maybe I over filled it.

Get my scripts and jump back in for the ride home.  

Back on the interstate, no problems.

Drop off the interstate to get back on the main drag you have to take to get to my neighborhood.  No problems.

I get about 3 miles from the house and get caught by a red light....I see steam!


So I pull off to the side and pop the hood...my radiator is blowing fluid out from an apparent crack at the top.

I had some anti-freeze with me so I refill the reservoir and bee line back to the house.

as I pull in the driveway, it is steaming and clattering and doesn't sound good.

I am letting it cool and will try to start it later.  I am not a mechanic but I used to work on all my pre 80's hot rods and I kinda know that sound....it is not a sound you ever want to hear

There is one problem. The rugged space age plastic likes to get brittle and break over time. If it leaks, that means
it is not holding pressure. Higher temperatures prevent liquids from coming to a boil. Hence, the creation of the Boiler.
Pressure something up to prevent it from coming to a boil and you have a low pressure boiler.....just like your water heater
in the house. Most modern radiators in cars have 2 thin plastic retaining tanks. One on each side. Yeah, they like to split
on a seam.

You can add water to your system instead of radiator fluid in a pinch. Try and use the filtered water but tap water will do if you are
limited. Also, make sure the engine is running when you add it if the system is hot. Add slowly.

Yep the radiator has to hold pressure, that needs to be replaced. Ya' know I don't know if it will work but I just used a product called Seal-All on a plastic gas tank and it's the only thing I found that worked with plastic. Dries hard but ignore the drying time info.. It took 2 days to really set up. Who knows?
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I started it while ago andit started and ran like a honda

i turned it off quickly though

it started just fine and was running like nothing ever happened


I know there are problems to address
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I have been a Honda fan for years.....like my first street bike was a honda back in 1985...a nighthawk....i ran the wheels off that thing..it was my only means of transportation at the time

God it was fast....i pegged it out at 140.....what a thrill ride.....screaming fast....water cooled

I sold it after an unfortunate encounter with a hail storm....ever hit nickle sized hail at 95 mph on a motorcycle?  It will change your life
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