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The-Fringe Meme Wars
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-Kang Dindu Wewuz, III
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Tony Romo is officially OUT in Dallas

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The first rule of

[Image: 52107504.jpg]

is to..

Shhh. What are you talking about? Sorry. Wrong room. That's down the hall. Second door on the right. 

Where was I? Oh yeah.

First rule of Insomnia Club is to bitch long and hard about Insomnia Club.

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(03-09-2017, 04:41 AM)Angry Red Man Wrote: [Image: 07f83d57a214098766e3a15e690e50a8.jpg?2aa4f6]

Guilty as charged Your Honor!!


Check out these lyrics... LOL!!

Good morning, your honor
May I approach the bench?
I don't give a damn what anyone thinks
I stay up all night and I smoke and I drink
I'm a wanted man and I'm blowin' town
Don't waste your time tryin' to hunt me down
The cops are sayin' I belong behind bars
And I'm guilty, I'm guilty as charged
I ain't never lost a fight in my life
I'll send you home crying to your fat and ugly wife
If you don't believe me when I tell you this
Well, let me introduce you to my rock hard fist
If you're accusing me of living too hard
Well I'm guilty, I'm guilty as charged
I ain't asking God to forgive my sins
Take a good look and you'll know where I've been
I'm dancing with the devil every night and everyday
People pay attention to the things that I say
I don't need anybody's help to rise above it
If you don't like the way I'm livin' buddy, why don't you shove it?
When you feel the ground shaking underneath your feet
Oh, that's yours truly walkin' down the street
Come a little closer, girl, I'll show you my scars
And I'm guilty, I'm guilty as charged
If you're saying my love is too large
Then I'm guilty, I'm guilty as charged
Oh, I'm guilty, I'm guilty as charged
You got me, I'm guilty as charged

[Image: TKThCBC.png]

Think for yourself

influence is no form of government
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And then my brain was like:

[Image: Animated-pussy-cat-in-boots-s.gif]

So I laughed.

I knew then it was time to get up.
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[Image: lJY6xGi.jpg]
-Kang Dindu Wewuz, III
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