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The-Fringe Meme Wars
(02-08-2019, 10:13 PM)Aces Wrote: True story  Chuckle

[Image: 51443412_607725869697615_413340341673708...e=5CFB44BF]

When I grew up that was kind of a greeting. Chuckle
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[Image: 51371553_1015428281988002_63800630565121...e=5CE686A3]
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[Image: 51394230_1010046662526164_36098167355044...e=5CF5FB02]
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(02-08-2019, 10:39 PM)Aces Wrote: [Image: 51371553_1015428281988002_63800630565121...e=5CE686A3]

Many a time, at high speed, too....

(02-08-2019, 10:50 PM)Aces Wrote: [Image: 51394230_1010046662526164_36098167355044...e=5CF5FB02]

[Image: XhIy8dz.jpg]
Often, madness has a pattern. Just watch and follow...
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[Image: 5iF4lim.jpg]
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[Image: 51493044_1016055615258602_73546833274475...e=5CE9BD61]
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[Image: 51581921_1016157581915072_77468935003308...e=5CEF82B4]

Drinks  Cheers
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[Image: cranky-bitch.jpg]
♫ If you're happy and you know it share your meds! ♪
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"How I would love to drive the shuttle, just to feel the engines roar.
And to operate the levers that control the payload doors.
I could buzz the Himalayas. Barrel roll above Hong Kong.
Set her down in San Francisco to the clanging of a gong."

[Image: UQad9hj.jpg]
Lower Frequencies on a Higher Plane

[Image: V6a3eE8.png][Image: KB6DnMQ.png]
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