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The-Fringe Meme Wars
[Image: brennon_bar.jpg]
Don't believe anything you see on TV or read on the internet. - Sir Isaac Newton. [Image: fTAd1Xk.gif]
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[Image: ZcxbKZH.jpg]

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[Image: lw7zLfZ.jpg]
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[Image: sQS3JqJ.jpg]
I am an evil giraffe, and I shall eat more leaves from this tree than perhaps I should, so that other giraffes may die.

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[Image: 8yRvwtx.jpg]

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(05-17-2018, 12:23 AM)Debauchery Wrote: [Image: sQS3JqJ.jpg]

[Image: 5HVvySs.gif]
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(05-16-2018, 08:57 PM)Slappy Kincaid Wrote: [Image: brennon_bar.jpg]

Lmao Lmao Lmao That's great!
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@Slappy Kincaid is killing it in the meme wars, he needs to be signal boosted more on twitter.

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[Image: XeVc905.jpg]
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Didnt want to start a thread but have a look at this


[Image: Ro7knMw.jpg]
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