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The Fringe Members in the early morning before coffee
The Grumpy Geezer's Signature Surprise.
Stay tuned to this Grump Channel as new programming will be added irregularly.

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Fucking fantastic..


If I had better to do.. I'd do it now.. Eyeroll
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Wow, you added a bunch more Cheers
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Pretty much nailed it.
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I think I'm going to update my avChuckle
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I liked my dog bone hair better Chuckle
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Oh and chill looks like a drunk King Chuckle
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(08-25-2016, 12:12 PM)~mc~ Wrote: Oh and chill looks like a drunk King Chuckle

So accurate it's spooky Troll2
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Still cracks me up.  That looks like Tom Waits.  And that is really what I am like before my morning cup of joe.  Funny stuff, man.
"Why don't you just speak with your words instead of your damn dirty lies?"
~Louise Belcher.
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Italia Fighting Legend and All Around #1 Guy.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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