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The elite and their minions sexual predators thread

More porn found on former Democrat Radnor commissioner's iPad: Photos were of children from as young as the age of 2!

Ahr, 66, was charged with child pornography possession and child pornography dis..., sexual abuse of children, and criminal use of communication facility in October.
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(11-05-2017, 09:02 PM)Johntaraz Wrote: A general observation concerning this subject with some explanation.

An observation that has been proven and borne out by this growing exposure of the predatory victimizers and their victims.
The description of initiation rites, the whistleblowers and their testimony, the survivors and the elites that had a change of heart, the exposés, the investgations, historical evidence, each have a set of commonalities.

The culture of dark secrets and silence that permeates the elites and their blanket of protection and immunity that entails a criminal cabal that leads all the way to the top of the pyramid of power.

We have observed its targets, its inroads and infiltration into religions, social institutions, government officials, NGO's, entertainment industry, music industry, even the military.

To get into the exclusive club of wealth and power, to serve it and reap material rewards, to further one's advancement within it; one must be initiated through "fire". And continue to rise through committing or abetting crimes.

It serves several important functions, has several commonalities that define and instantiate it.

1. Trauma-based mind control.

2. Blackmail material that holds its victims and initiates in thrawl and fear. Allows manipulation, suggestion, demands obedience.

3. Identification and subordination. Initiation and advancement within a dark ubiquitous assembly of behavior directives and choices; crimes and misdeeds, that creates its own culture of neccessity - silence and subservience. To break ranks with it means a death sentence.

4. Indoctrination into a Satanic Cult, the implications are there whether believed in or not. It all ties into this. The historical and contemporary evidence is clear - trauma based mind control, narcotics, sexual abuse and exploitation, sacrifice, pedophillia, human trafficking, blackmail and manipulation using dark secrets: it is occult methods of control over humans. It is Satanic in every aspect, from its hierarchy, its practices, dogma and rituals, symbolism, iconography, visuals, lyrics, messages, advertisements... in its dark cabalist means and ends it embodies the dark arts from ages past and with new technological twists and methods.

5. Institutions and individuals weilding power, money, threats, and other forceful means use these above methods, and also control and disseminate the information, control and utilize the agencies, investigations, justice system and courts, and cover-up these crimes.

Its been up to individuals to bring these criminals and crimes to light and justice.
I am glad it is happening.
May it continue by the grace of God and persons with conscience and care.

Good thread.

After what I went through and what I learned from it..or figured out...you nailed it above.
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Minnesota state Senator Dan Schoen (D), who once alleged Trump is a sexual predator, busted for sexual assault of multiple women.

The women describe behavior by Schoen that ranges from persistent and unwanted invitations to meet to physically grabbing a woman from behind. One woman, who asked to not be identified, said he sent her a photo of male genitalia via Snapchat.
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Dirty buggers
In times of universal Idiocy... Critical thought becomes a revolutionary act! CUI BONO?
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I know a story about Willem Defoe... Yeah...

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(11-09-2017, 08:49 PM)Twaddle Wrote: I know a story about Willem Defoe... Yeah...

"Perhaps the greatest myth being purveyed,
is that myths are just myths." - Michael Tsarion

Florence GO HOME Banned
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(11-09-2017, 09:26 PM)MysticPizza Wrote:
(11-09-2017, 08:49 PM)Twaddle Wrote: I know a story about Willem Defoe... Yeah...


A friend of mine is heavily involved with high end productions of summer stock.

In the NY area, some very prestigious groups perform, and very famous actors are involved. (much like Shakespeare in the Park).
One year  this friend was involved in a production that Willem Defoe was working on.
My friend said he raped one of her friends also involved in the event.

She said George Takei was another regular at these productions, and that big one in Scotland each year.... Edinburgh fringe fest .
She says he was an absolute dog.
Many years ago this.
Men,  women, hollow logs,  barn yard beasts. However, it was all consenting adults.
He never ever did anything untoward .
She just used to marvel at his prowess.

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I dont even know what to say anymore. This is insane. Let's all hope that Hillary and Billy get what they deserve also. Because I know deep in my heart that those fuckers are guilty of something along the same lines as this.
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I'm pretty sure the laws for the statutes has changed.


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