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The AMERICAN Dyatlov Pass Case
(12-03-2019, 11:26 PM)Fossy Wrote: I will check it out now.  The Dyatlov thing doesn’t make sense.  So I say Yeti.

Daytlov is a real head scratcher as there was radiation detected on the bodies. Some but not all. I think they were in the wring place with a Soviet nuke thing. Everyone has their theories.
"Why don't you try speaking in words instead of your damn dirty lies?"
~Louise Belcher
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This "american daytlov" seems like a true perfect storm of folks who weren't in a mental place to deal with a situation. Or was it the gubment?
"Why don't you try speaking in words instead of your damn dirty lies?"
~Louise Belcher
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(12-03-2019, 11:46 PM)Frigg Wrote:
(12-03-2019, 10:58 PM)Verity Wrote: @Pure Rock Fury and @Frigg with the exception of Mathias,
the boys suffered from significant though varying degrees of
intellectual impairment. They were truly like children in grown
men's bodies.

Teddy and likely the others had been taught not to steal, so
even in a life-threatening situation they may have ignored hunger
pains to obey that instruction. A number of people believe that
Mathias, likely suffering the ill effects of being off of his anti-
psychotic medications, may have thought that the food was
poisoned and so instructed the others not to eat it. Though of
course some had clearly been consumed.

Madruga and Mathias both served in the army and so would have
known how to use the army can opener. Hewett, Sterling and
Weiher likely would have had no clue how to operate a propane
heat source.

As is discussed in the article, Teddy lacked common sense. Once
he told his brother that he had to rest for work tomorrow although
the house was literally on fire. His brother had to drag him from the
burning house.

I learned in the past day or so that a candle had been recently lit
inside the trailer where Teddy was found. This was very difficult to
learn as it indicates all the more that Teddy may have lingered for
weeks starving and freezing to death.

They were fates that few would "deserve," these beautiful innocent
souls least of all. It is an extremely painful, heartbreaking incident
and I pray there may yet be resolution for the remaining family

I looked into it and his beard growth was 8 to 11 weeks... That is simply awful.

Poor guys

Yes, and he was a big guy, around 200 pounds iirc.
When they found him he had lost 80-100 pounds. tears
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