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The Actaul Answers to what is going on
On a personal note I am very sorry to each and everyone of you. When you read this you know why. Sprea to any who understand. Later we can all get our shit together an help everyone. And I am really am sorry.

I will make some long boring vid explaining it all later to everyone.

Here is the short answers and thank you for being my brother. I am sorry bro for everything I did in some past life. Honestly.

Sorry it took so long. I had to look at it longer. I will make a vid and upload it somewhere. Everyone will understand.

On a personal note I have to make a big apology to everyone later. It isn't quite what you would expect, you feel it from my practice attempts. It will move you, be prepared. I will leave it at that.

cliff notes.

We are playing game who's currency is Karma.

We are Power Abusers until we become Honest Beings.

Honest Beings agree to pay all their debts freely. This is how the reality outside our reality works. Dishonest beings wreck everything so are not allowed in that area of reality.

It requires Higher Logic Order Understanding. We have been working towards this for some time. Simple minds cannot enjoy the logic of on and off at the same time and still be in existence.

For a simple conscious logic unit you cannot be taught these things from a book, they must be comprehended.We have agreed to be upgraded of our own freewill.

We are all here of our own freewill.

This is an Artificial Reality. It is designed to allow you to comprehend higher logic order so you can go to the next reality.

Why this went wrong?
We are not Honest as a logic being of power.

Every-time in my life I have had power I have abuse it. At one time I abused all you people. Eventually I came to accept I was a truly good person at heart. A good being of the Multi-universe agrees to pay all debts freely.

If anyone thinks I was getting an honor I would suggest you have it completely backwards. What it really means I was the Worst of All once. You trusted me and I let you down and abused you because I was tripping on power and dishonest being's can't be trusted with power.

I hope you understand. With understanding comes forgiveness and I fucked up real bad and I am honestly sorry to each and everyone of you and freely forgive and karmic debt for each and everyone on of you accrued up to this point.

As a Friend. Because I have realized we are all Friends up there somewhere. Worst times of my life was when I felt alone, Friends are good.

This is just a crazy game where some people decided to hide the rules from the rest of us so their families could stay in power forever. You can't logically hold it against them when you understand. It might have happened to anyone of us

I get it, power is fun, being in charge is a trip, but we can't handle that because we are power abusers. And Suckers. Lower order logic is easily fooled by higher order logic tricks.

Never accept power, because this is how we got to where we are. It will be offered to you so you can become another abuser and accrue bad karma points just like I did. That is not how you get out of this game.

So you have to forgive these powerful families for what they did. Everyone has been a victim, but you did those things to other people. That is against the rules and an honest being pays up on all debts.

You see how it works. Super embarrassing isn't it. We you have to get past that as well.

I'll make along boring video later.

Good news is Judgement Day is not happening today or any day soon until we are all ready, all of us. So for all intensive purpose life goes on the same, except how we treat each other is different and we remember we are Friends.

Friends help friends. They will walk into fire for a true friend, and win and come back, because you just do. It has taken me a lifetime to see that part and Comprehend it as a Being. Sorry guys.

Your Bro Karl
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I abuse.

For fun.

And I wish more peeps could understand when they face is being rubbed in the dirt.

Puro Association.
"100% Bullshit" - Han Sole
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