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Syria: The Story BEHIND the Story
(04-15-2018, 03:18 PM)Heir Wrote: Iran . . . I suggest there will be deaths resultant from the second " Kill - Box " [SHOWERS] .

If you've followed Wictor's threads on the Iranian Revolution ~ (I've posted a few) then you'll agree that the PERSIAN PEOPLE's protests are going strong, and the mullahs are powerless to put them down. Even the IRG is switching sides in many cases. It's not just in a few cities ~ it's country-wide now and they are getting HELPED by the GCC.

When the mullahs book for any country that will have them, it will be fait accompli and the Persians will have their country back with LIMITED if NO bloodshed. It's happening under our noses and the west and the MSM IGNORE it. I follow it daily on my Twit feed.

Amazing times. Yeah3
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Interesting...there is translation available at the news link ~ a bit convoluted, but curious, none the less.

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(04-15-2018, 03:10 PM)DaJavoo Wrote:
(04-15-2018, 02:56 PM)Яudis Wrote: Putin & Assad Should Be Thanking The USSA!
Just 3 Days Before UN & NATO Inspectors Show UP!
AMERICA to the Rescue, We BLOW UP all the Stockpiles
and Evidence! Then Produce Distraction and Diversion Stories
and Use out Elaborate FAKENEWS Networks to Muddy the Waters
Making the Actual Events Impossible to find or believe.
Facepalm   Yeah3
MeriKah F#CK YAH!

That's not really the issue, is it?

I agree ~ it makes NO sense that Assad used chem weapons.  Therefore, sumbuddy else DID and 'framed' him.  Now that "sumbuddy else" is prolly a group of bad actors with means and motive to set off the conflagration of WWIII, eh?  They're fondly called the 'Deep State' ~ but can DJT/May/Macron come out and say "The Deep State pulled off a FF" ~ really?  Nope, so the Assad story is what they went with.

The THING is, the chem weapons, R&D and means to make them are gone ~ they needed blowin' up regardless the ownership.

Better yet, DJT isn't acting like a 'cowboy' ~ he played nice with the team AND the Deep State is DENIED their WWIII money making opportunity because time was given to allow Russians and Syrians to clear out of Dodge. (No lives lost on this one.)

btw, NO MISSLES were "shot" down...because no radar sites went active and got lit up with any Wild Weasels.  The Syrians and Russians took it on the chin ~ because the chem weapons WERE NOT THEIRS, and they are tired of the Deep State FUKING with THEM, too!

So...Deep State lost a money making venture AND prolly the remaining chemical toy factory at their disposal.  (The Nork sites are history now.)

In the meantime...if you happened to have read the OP of this thread, under cover of the chem wep brouhaha the GCC is kickin' ass and takin' names all in the effort of cleaning up THEIR neighborhood.

Up next?


This is actually a very logical explanation. Thanks.
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Bout friggin time.. Thanks Daj.

I wouldn't trade tomorrow for today!

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