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Survival Chow
That shit would dehydrate you faster than gastro.

Go hunting.

Rice is fine.

No need for sugar.
There be enough sugar from the rice.

Powdered milk for protein.
Why not.
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Honey lasts forever.
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Oats are good.

Keep a stash of unrefined raw salt on had.
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(01-11-2019, 10:04 PM)MaximalGravity Wrote:
(01-11-2019, 08:47 PM)Arkansas_Ted Wrote: Hard tack and water. Without a source of citrus, Mid thirties will be the lifespan.

Yep, Scurvy..

I had a cousin who got Scurvy from a fad Macrobiotic Diet. And, she was a pretty smart kid. But, she fell into the peer group social BS of her time.

Scurvy is a disease resulting from a lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).[1] Early symptoms include weakness, feeling tired, and sore arms and legs.[1][2] Without treatment, decreased red blood cells, gum disease, changes to hair, and bleeding from the skin may occur.[1][3] As scurvy worsens there can be poor wound healing, personality changes, and finally death from infection or bleeding.[2]
Typically, scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C in the diet.[1] It takes at least a month of little to no vitamin C before symptoms occur.[1][2] In modern times, it occurs most commonly in people with mental disorders, unusual eating habits, alcoholism, and older people who live alone.[2] Other risk factors include intestinal malabsorption and dialysis.[2] Humans and certain other animals require vitamin C in their diets to make the building blocks for collagen.[2] Diagnosis typically is based on physical signs, X-rays, and improvement after treatment.[2]

There is Vitamin C all around us if you have certain trees around. Pine trees. Fir, hemlock... Trees and tea, it's also edible... https://preparednessadvice.com/edible_pl...vitamin-c/
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Let's see.... stuff you want to store to eat. Your first thing should be vegetable and fruit seeds. They are light and will keep for years but the older they get, the less viable they are so you want to get them and rotate them yearly or every other year or three. You want to keep the seeds that are heirloom or that will breed true. You will want some different varieties of the same vegetable. Example would be to have at least 10 different types of tomatoes. They have tons of tomatoes. The reason is because some of these tomatoes will have different responses to different stimuli on them, like bugs and disease. You also will want enough seeds to last you for at least 3-5 years if your crop does not come in. 7 years is biblical and the seeds will keep if you buy a bunch of them to even out your odds of decreasing germination.

You must also 'know' your area. What crop diseases are around you? These will not have fungicides or anything to stop the spread of them if the world collapses. While the world continues on, the fungicides and such are going to be available. Without these modern things, you will find your crop's tendency to collapse is highly likely in any year. So grow a variety that are immune to other stuff so something will come up. Don't put all your 'eggs' in the same basket.

If you own your place, look into permaculture. Then get some seeds and stuff and go plant them and let them go wild. See what happens. See if they come up. Then remember the saying that you are only going to harvest no more than half of what is there and that is only in emergencies. During good times, you are only going to harvest 1/3rd of it and let the rest go. Plant herbs and vegetables and trees. Your grandchildren will appreciate the trees if they know how to use them properly. Natural medicine will be all the rage in a SHTF aftermath if the grid goes down.

You can plant herbs and stuff in the woods and I bet they would reseed themselves yearly if they are annuals around you. It's what plants do.

Also, fertilizer. What are you going to use for fertilizer? Poop? You can not plant stuff in the same spot all the time without depleting the soil. You are going to have to enrich the soil by putting everything back into it you took out of it. So you will want a compost pile for all food scraps and other stuff you can find to put in it and you might want to look into using human manure. Nightsoils... https://humanurehandbook.com/downloads/Chapter_6.pdf

And recipes for cooking. The problem is, in a SHTF.... oils are going to be hard to come by. You will be eating a whole lot of soup. Oils are made from lard, from animal's fat. There is not any way you are going to get plant oils unless you have a press for it. But for the serious prepper, you might want to consider it. Man can not live without the oils. Guess you could eat nuts. Nuts stay good in the shell for a year or so. https://permaculturenews.org/2016/06/24/...king-oils/

Perpetual soup or stew..... The recipe is fluid. Bone broth, chicken broth, fish broth is the base. I would not mix fish broth with any other broth but I would mix chicken and beef broths. You start off with the broth and keep it simmering at a very low heat, you don't want it to burn as it's going to cook continuously forever. Maybe years. This is an idea and more than likely the way you will be eating most of the time. It's the easiest way to cook the foods and you are going to have tons of other things to do besides cooking and eating. This way would keep you out of the kitchen more than in the kitchen. And can be set next to the coals basically with a lid on it and eaten at any time. This can also be kept on a very small, smokeless fire to keep simmering so you don't have a fire to attract others from far away to your location.

Salt... you need salt. In SHTF... you can get some salt from plant sources. Hickory tree roots are one of these. The hickory tree is a whole lot of types of trees. A pecan tree and walnut tree are hickory trees along with the trash tree, shagbark hickory. Here is the recipe for salt if you live inland and can get these roots. https://www.survival-manual.com/hickory-salt.php
Snippet: To extract salt from hickory you need to gather up a bunch of hickory roots. Cut and crush the roots into as small of pieces as you can but not so small that you can't remove them later. Either by hand or straining. Now place the roots in a pot and boil. Remove the roots before the water boils down so much that it starts to get thick. Continue to boil the water away and you will be left with a black substance. This is your salt.

And there is coltsfoot ash. https://practicalselfreliance.com/coltsfoot-salt/
This lady is correct. It's hard to find out which plants were used to make salt back in the day before salt was sold in the grocery store. Salt will store well, not go bad and keep indefinitely if you keep it dry. Doesn't have to be hot or cold, just dry. And you want to stock up on tons of it. Salt will be excellent for trading with and you will use a whole lot of it drying meats. It's one of the easiest ways to do preserve the meat although if you don't find a source for salt, your kids will have to learn another way. It would be a bitch to have to walk a couple hundred miles or so with a couple 100 lbs/45.5 kilos. And that's not a lot of salt either. A salt mine would be the place to own in a SHTF situation if you want to get rich afterwards.  Chuckle I would store salt blocks. Good enough for a deer or cow, good enough for me. Wink

Recipes? You can make most anything then you do now if you have the ingredients. Might take you a long time to make some things but I would think if you farmed and had a small community to trade with, you would eat pretty well. Small villages work if they all work together to make life easier.

While you are out walking around, look for nice round rocks. Rocks that will not explode if put into water while they are hot. might want to consider some volcanic rocks kept in their own special bag with some tongs. Wink  These rocks are put on the fire/coals to heat up and then put into the soup to cook it. You could use them to cook faster and they were considered precious by the cooks that had these cooking rocks.  https://exarc.net/issue-2016-3/at/cookin...-hot-rocks

I hope I never see a SHTF situation. I would like to go back in time somewhat and maybe not be dependent on so much tech. I think the tech is making us stupid. I also think the tech is going to be our downfall. As in the days of Noah.... It's my belief, if you live 500 years, you are bored to death and you can invent a whole lot of stuff. With the 'fall angels/aliens/whatever' help..... But anyway, I do believe that the society before the flood was very high tech. The ancient stories and all that tell of things that those people, if they were so primitive, should not have even conceived the idea of it.... well... the fact they described the stuff and all that.... yeah... as in the days of Noah are back. All flesh is going to become corrupted. The scientists have already opened that Pandora's box. They are going to try to bring back extinct critters, mix up critters. And all with mainstream society's approval. Sooooo.... I don't want to be here. I think I will just quit eating if the SHTF. I'm not fat so it shouldn't take but a short while to starve to death. No problem. I'd just as soon not suffer like that. I like my modern lifestyle. My running water, my washing machine, my toilet. I like toilet paper. I like my internet entertainment and one day, I am going to learn to crochet. I got the stuff but I put it up in a good spot. Dang good spots just never pan out. I can not seem to find it now. Arrrrggghhhh!!! I tell ya. I am brain dead. It would not do for me to live during a SHTF situation. And I don't know if I want to learn to make cloth out of fibers so I can have clothes.... I really don't want to learn that stuff... It takes a dang village of skills and unless you have this village, all this other stuff is just useless. You won't survive. I am pessimistic about this stuff these days. The world is not a nice place when it's a no man's land. And I've decided that no man's land and me.... ain't gonna get along. I like rules and regs and civilized societies. I really do...  Facepalm

This youtube channel shows how to make old recipes on the fireplace and how to preserve the way our ancestors used to do, 18th century stuff. It's a good channel if you want to see how they lived a few hundred years ago. He makes stuff the way they would have made it. Townsend channel.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxr2d4A...lcajAkKJYw  

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Microgreens. They are ready from seed in only 9 days. If you're going to talk survival food this is in my top ten to invest in.
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