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SuperStation95 News Closed; Killed by Phoney Washington Post
SuperStation95 News Closed; Killed by Phoney Washington Post "Russian Propaganda / Fake News" False allegation


SuperStation95.com came online in October, 2015 and skyrocketed to over two million visitors p/mo. quickly.  As the US Presidential Election got heated, sites like ours which opposed Hillary Clinton got smeared as "Russian Propaganda" and "Fake News."  A Washington Post story on November 24, widely disseminated these scurrilous attacks.  The allegation of "Russian Propaganda/Fake News" was completely false, but that didn't matter to WaPo, which admitted they never investigated the claims by a new, unknown group, who lobbed the Fake News accusation.  WaPo ran the story nonetheless and like a sledge hammer, our visitor count began plummeting.  
Later, WaPo backed-off the story, by adding the following disclaimer:
Quote:The Washington Post on Nov. 24 published a story on the work of four sets of researchers who have examined what they say are Russian propaganda efforts to undermine American democracy and interests. One of them was PropOrNot, a group that insists on public anonymity, which issued a report identifying more than 200 websites that, in its view, wittingly or unwittingly published or echoed Russian propaganda.
Useful idiots (like Snopes.com, RawStory.com, and others)  who supported Hillary Clinton, made tremendous use of the WaPo story, even after WaPo eased-off their un-investigated report.  The radical leftists hurled the "fake news" allegation as often as they could.  It seemed to us they were taking revenge for Hillary Clinton's election loss by trying to discredit sites that did massive damage to Hillary's campaign through the reporting of WikiLeaks email revelations, which our site and others reported widely.
Visitor counts to this web site began dropping immediately after WaPo ran that story and have now dropped so low, the revenue from this site can no longer support its existence, nevermind pay staff and for office space.
We have provided to all our employees who have now lost their jobs, the names and home addresses of the WaPo reporter(s) who did the story, in case those employees want to have a personal word with those folks.
We thank all the people who visited this site and helped propel our growth because they knew we were credible, accurate, and - many times - FIRST with breaking news.  
We're sorry we have to go, but such is the case.
Listeners in New York City will hear that FM Station 95.1 - a separate business from this web site -- is broadcasting Christian religious content.
Goodbye and best of luck to all of you.

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Well this is very sad. I remember this attack on legitimate media fast and furious from last year. In another forum I started a thread on election night titled something like "America's new parlor game, attack Russia." I carried it on for months, and many pages as the attacks continued month after month. I wonder if there was something that could be done legally. Slander, Defamation of character...or some such thing. 

Very sad news this.
No one can resist the truth wrapped in a good joke.

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SuperStaion 95.
My review.

They carried one or two breaking news stories every day or two, and often managed to have some details that were not found elsewhere, but later turned out to be true. Especially at the begining and first several months their site debuted.

The two big stories I give them an outstanding rating on:

The Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting. They had the story fast with a lot of details that the news media failed or chose not to cover. They gave precedence and creedence to eyewitness testimony where the msm picked up and stayed with the false "official" narratives.

The standoff at Malheur Wildlife Refuge. They carried the history and back story with all details. They covered it with minimal bias and were sympathetic to the plight of the ranchers. They provided details about BLM malfeasance and the Uranium One mining deal by Clinton, and Nevada land (much of it public) shady purchases.

What I didn't like about Superstaion 95. Somewhere late 2016 their content and quality deteriorated. They often sensationalized and exagerated some stories and events. Provided dead end or false narratives on some CT topics that engaged the reader with expectation, but the evidence was not provided. Had "insider" scoops and predictions that didn't pan out.
Became somewhat unreliable as a news source because of those weaknesses to sensationalize, dramatize, and post news with tenuous verifiabilty.

Its too bad they couldn't leave a text-based archive of their content for reference, some of their info was valuable.

Final thought: any loss to alternative news, even imperfect sources, is a loss for truth seeking.
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Superstation 95 was a fake news source, I know because I used them as a source on a couple of threads, but unfortunately their fakeness was too much. lolol
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(05-23-2017, 10:02 PM)titanic1 Wrote: Superstation 95 was a fake news source, I know because I used them as a source on a couple of threads, but unfortunately their fakeness was too much.  lolol

They started out really good. Like John mentioned, a couple of the stories they hit really hard and fact checked extremely well.

I'm not sure exactly when they went click bait but they eventually sensationalized everything.
The Grumpy Geezer's Signature Surprise.
Stay tuned to this Grump Channel as new programming will be added irregularly.

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wow!  these russians ARE good!  I'm a Russian and DONT EVEN KNOW IT!!!

God damn, great brainwashers!!
- Follow me on Twiiter @Real_Vengeance.  Be at one with yourself in between that line of serenity and rage -
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Extra bkeach for me @Skyrison
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Seems ripe for a class action.
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Anything to do with Hal Turner is bad news.  It's dangerous to even be near him.

I know, he supposedly bowed out of Superstation, but he got it going.
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