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Stone Age hominids consumed rabbits 400000 years ago

A new study reveals that Stone Age hominids in Europe hunted rabbits much earlier than previously thought. They had added small and fast animals as well as larger ones, such as wild goats and deer, to their diet about 400,000 years ago. This pushes back the earliest date of leporid exploitation in the northwestern Mediterranean areas to the Late Middle Pleistocene.
A team of researchers led by Eugene Morin, a paleoanthropologist from the Trent University in Peterborough, Canada, studied the dietary shift from large game to smaller animals. The team studied animal fossils and stone tools from 21 northwestern Mediterranean sites. The sets of bones and tools examined revealed large numbers of fossil leporids, namely the family of rabbits and hares, with cuts on the remains probably from stone tools.

Cite: https://www.archaeology.wiki/blog/2019/0...new-study/

That dietary shift to smaller animals away from eating primarily large game emerged long before a previously recognized change in ancient humans’ eating habits, concludes a team led by paleoanthropologist Eugène Morin of Trent University in Peterborough, Canada. In the later transition, Stone Age people dramatically broadened what they ate, including a wide variety of small animals, starting around 36,000 years ago.
Morin’s group studied 21 sets of animal fossils and stone tools previously excavated at eight sites in southern France. All but one collection included large numbers of fossil leporids, the family of rabbits and hares. Cuts made by stone tools, likely during butchery, appeared on leporid remains from 17 fossil sets. At the oldest site, Terra Amata, about half of 205 identified animal bones from a 400,000-year-old sediment layer belonged to leporids. Other small-game sites studied by the researchers dated to as recently as around 60,000 years ago.

Ancient Homo groups mainly hunted rabbits that probably existed in large numbers in Mediterranean areas ranging from Spain to Italy, Morin’s team suspects. Colony-dwelling rabbits were probably easier to hunt than hares, which are solitary animals. After 40,000 years ago, the investigators suspect that humans hunted hares regularly, possibly tracking the elusive creatures down with the aid of dogs by 11,500 years ago

Cite: https://bigscience.info/posts/hominids-m...-years-ago
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Dog's and Rabbits. We still do that today. Tried and true formula I suppose.
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