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"Something" is driving people nuts.
I can't put my finger on it.
It's not the magnetosphere, nor chemtrails.
It's not quakes, global warming, climate (zzzzz), or CO2.
It's not UFO's.
It's not Planet X.
It's not Cosmic Rays.
It's not Trump.
It's not Flakka.
It's not religion or politics or the Internet.
It's certainly not what you think it is.
It's nothing.
It is what it is.

It is the fear of Transcendence.
When the window hits, and misses,
there is no turning back.
Like a dead fetus, dying before born.
There is only implosion, unless it learns.
There is no glorious past.
Only the Present Moment.
The Transcendent.
The gateway.
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I know.
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Very many Adepts warned about this period..
Including Teilhard de Jardin.
(I'm not a Christian)
Disavow everything, and everything comes rushing in. (Information)
The Gate of Transcendence.
(No Bible here).
The Tao warned of it.
The Omens are everywhere...all you have to do is See,
without filters.
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I was gonna say cell phones! Chuckle
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(01-19-2019, 03:05 AM)Falcon Wrote: Surrender.

Eons ago.
But you can never surrender enough.
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Full moon does it too
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(01-19-2019, 03:07 AM)bigD111 Wrote: I was gonna say cell phones!   Chuckle

I was going to say cell phone towers, haarp or some such.
Mixed with planetary shenanigans.
Something definitely going on.
Has been getting worse the last week or so.

Cant't wait till the full moon. Hiding3
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(01-19-2019, 03:08 AM)Stu Wrote:
(01-19-2019, 03:05 AM)Falcon Wrote: Surrender.

Eons ago.
But you can never surrender enough.

Perhaps not the right word.


Just be.
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Blood Moon.
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