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Small Plane Has crashed Into Homes in Yorba Linda
(02-04-2019, 09:43 AM)Mmmkay_Ultra Wrote: The pilot was the only occupant and he died and then two males and two females were in the house that burned and they died.
Five people died.

Good morning.

Sad news. That is one freaky Avatar.
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Strangeness in the air lately. Like that C-131 that crashed just off the FL coast Friday. This isn't the same plane but same cargo co. It's hard to see but the main door came open on takeoff.

Lower Frequencies on a Higher Plane
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Dang, another neighborhood crash? Sux.
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(02-10-2019, 10:05 PM)PickleSnout Wrote: Dang, another neighborhood crash? Sux.

I bumped the Yorba Linda crash with an updated story about the shady details/mystery about the pilot.
I dont know why the vid did not embed...
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Thought to be this airplane...the registration is fuzzy...an Angel Flight...

[Image: 895a84f8d5a7283b3cd56cbaa44239da2c0b41a7]

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