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Sheriff wants to ban shooting guns in my county.

Everyone shoots guns in this county. There has always been a law against shooting guns in city limits but in the county you can basically do what you want to as long as your not harming no one. This douche wants to basically ban the shooting of guns in the county even on your own property by making it where you have to be 500 ft. from any property line. Even out here in that country part of the county alot of folks stay on 1,2 and 3 acre tracts of land which would not accomodate the new ordinance if passed.

Fucking shit doesnt sit well with me at all. The basterd ran as a conservative type and I voted for him. He will not be getting my vote this time.  Ham
When Freedom Is Outlawed Only Outlawz will Remain Free.
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Get the NRA and some conservative politicians on him. Find dirt on that jerk.
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Get the County Commissioners involved.
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(01-12-2018, 01:03 PM)DaJavoo Wrote: Get the County Commissioners involved.

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Nuff said.
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Decided it wasn't "nuff said." Was kind of ambiguous.
A warm bed and my musket. The American way for 200+ years. NOW 'nuff said.
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~Louise Belcher.
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Not classified as a firearm, will kill a deer. Will piss off sheriff.


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I suspect my neighbors of building far more than homage "fireworks" and setting them off.
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That Sheriff needs to be removed from office. He is to uphold the constitution and he obviously doesn't understand:
shall not be infringed
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You're not far away from me @JB1 Cheer

It's typical for counties to have a rule about firing guns in close to proximity of housing areas. But usually it just means you can't fire them in the direction of those dwellings..1dunno1

At least you're not in Hoke County where the sheriff there doesn't want to issue gun permits as needed... It sounds like it's time to vote that sheriff out of office!
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