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Scientists have declared that the era in which the Ebola virus is considered an incurable disease has come to an end.

The announcement, made Monday, comes after two experimental treatments proved so effective in recent trials that they will now be offered to all patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is currently in the throes of a year-long outbreak of Ebola—the second-largest outbreak ever.

The disease, which leads to severe cases of fever, headache, and hemorrhaging, normally kills about half of those infected, yet the latest outbreak has claimed the lives of around 70 percent of those who have contracted it. According to Prof. Jean-Jacques Muyembe, the director-general of the National Institute for Biomedical Research in Kinshasa, many have walked into Ebola treatment centers only to leave the centers dead.

But the new antibody-based treatments are so potent that only one out of every ten Ebola sufferers who receive the new drugs are expected to die.


Good news of the day. Heartflowers
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So, the folks on Plum Island will have to release a new strain..BFD..
The Islamic State militants, known as ISIS, are now using a single, raised index finger as the symbol of their cause.
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(08-12-2019, 11:05 PM)MaximalGravity Wrote: So, the folks on Plum Island will have to release a new strain..BFD..

Was a good news day... Chuckle
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(08-12-2019, 11:05 PM)MaximalGravity Wrote: So, the folks on Plum Island will have to release a new strain..BFD..

For the purposes of eliminating entire populations, yes.

But for now you you can sit back and watch how it suddenly and mysteriously spreads globally. The cure in the US will probably go for about $1.000.000 per dose!
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Too bad the idiocy of the past president that tried importing it to the USA isn't...


But all joking aside, that is great news. Hope the monoclonal process can be modified to include another non-morphic viral agents with time.
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Often, madness has a pattern. Just watch and follow...
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Ebola is one reason why China is trying to take over Africa. They would be able to get a fresh and continuous supply of the original strains.
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It has always been curable, but to admit to that would mean they would be admitting to they made it. which they did.
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This is a good news thread ; the kind I like !
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Horrible way to die.
Yay science.
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