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Saudis bomb vegetable shoppers using US planes and fuel, 21 dead
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"Attacks on food markets like this one are part of the coalition’s systematic campaign to target and destroy Yemen’s food production and distribution. The coalition has made a regular practice of targeting farms, fishing boats, and marketplaces as part of an effort to deprive an already malnourished population of food. There is no possible justification for targeting civilians as they were trying to obtain food from a local market. The slaughter of almost two dozen people is a reminder that Saudi coalition forces continue to hit civilian targets with great frequency, and civilians in and around Hodeidah are at great risk of being killed and wounded while the coalition’s attack on the port and its surroundings continues."

Since 2015, the U.S. military has been providing midair refueling to Saudi and UAE planes conducting airstrikes that have killed thousands of civilians in Yemen.
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US media was blacking it out how they are helping ISIS in East Syria October 25 as well.
Thanks for the update on this event, I think... Not sure what to even say now..
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[Image: AP-Bush-Saudi.jpg]

[Image: us-president-barack-obama-saudi-arabia-king-salman.jpg]

[Image: skynews-trump-saudi-arabia-4283686.jpg]

Looks like the new boss is the same as the old boss who was the same as the older boss.

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Yemen was the Gulf of Aden, so I bet the US and UK want to divvy it up...

Cause everybody wants Yemen, but fuk MBS and Saudi...
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(10-26-2018, 12:16 PM)hurchel Wrote: Yemen was the Gulf of Aden, so I bet the US and UK want to divvy it up...

Cause everybody wants Yemen, but fuk MBS and Saudi...

Neo-colonialism can take the form of direct genocide, as this, or the softer forms
that also permeate Africa.

In “Target Africa,” Nigerian author Obianuju Ekeocha explores the negative impact that neocolonial, ideologically-driven
humanitarian aid has had on African nations and their cultural values.

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Pato sent me this....

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