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(11 hours ago)SouthernBelle Wrote:
(11 hours ago)bigD111 Wrote:
(11 hours ago)Heir Wrote: [Image: IkcX00g.jpg]

Exactly why I wear Bib Overalls !   Chuckle


All he needs is a big red nose and a wig!  Then a handful of balloons! Lmao

Okay, don't get me wrong.  His rhetoric is deplorable.  But I do believe
he is genuinely disfigured and disabled.  

Don't know about ya'll, but my Momma taught me not to make
fun of cripples, no matter how repulsive their words or thoughts.


I'm with you on this, SB. I cringe at some of things said about his physical appearance...and some of the ones about Ruth, her imminent demise, or her osteoporosis. It seems like a 'low blow' and something the liberals would do when they have no other valid points.

I get the other side...that they have been awful and done horrible things, and they don't hesitate to say similar awful things...but it's difficult for me to wish evil on anyone. Maybe it is, as you say, my upbringing...but maybe it's Christian beliefs, too. "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I will repay." "Turn the other cheek." "Bless those who curse you. Do good to those who despitefully use you." etc.

I know these are not popular sentiments in the world, and though I've OFTEN failed at living them, they are always in my heart, and it's always in me to pick myself up again and TRY to do better.

If we all devolve into a pack of dogs, 'they' have won.

"Bitterness is the poison we drink, hoping it kills the other person." -Corrie Ten Boom

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(7 hours ago)sloonie Wrote:
(7 hours ago)Aquarius Wrote:
(Yesterday, 07:38 PM)Sassy Wrote: Facepalm My son and daughter-in-law are taking my grandbaby to Vanderbilt Hospital for a little surgery Friday morning. Vanderbilt is in Nashville where there is a large population of Muslims.

Please say a prayer for them.  Heartflowers

Prayers for your grandbaby's successful surgery and full recovery !!   Heartflowers

[Image: YrbA2Ke.jpg]

Adding mine as well.  
[Image: pray2.png]

I said mine last night, and will continue.

"Bitterness is the poison we drink, hoping it kills the other person." -Corrie Ten Boom

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