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Pyramids on Other Planets

"Richard Buchli D.V.M. Ph.D. writes, "We have just learned that this pyramid that I found on Mars [Immediately above] is the famous D&M pyramid that is a mile and a quarter high. Mr. George J. Haas has dedicated an entire chapter to this pyramid in his new book "Martian Codex". Any of you that are interested in the things we have been finding on mars may be very interested in obtaining a copy of this book."
The pyramidal shape of these structures are not typically brought to your attention in science class in school, nor do you see reports about their shape on TV, nor is their pyramidal shape frequently addressed in astronomical circles, and when it is, it is often minimized or sloughed off.  
The pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx have been closely liked with Vedic culture. Writer P.N. Oaks has linked the name Egypt with Ajapati, descendents of Aja, Shree Rama’s grandfather. Etymologically, P.N. Oaks equates the title of Egypt’s ancient rulers, the dynasty of Ramesis, with the Sanskrit words "Ram Eisus," meaning "Ram- God." Mr. Oaks identifies the Sphinx with the word "Sing" in Sanskrit, meaning lion, as this was an ancient word for the sovereign. It is a common linguistic trait of words which have descended from Sanskrit and become corrupted that the letter p is often silent and the letter h hardly pronounced. In English, the word sing corrupted itself into king.
On page 613 of his book Our World Vedic Heritage, Mr. Oaks presents a picture of an ancient, Egyptian statue of a man dressed in robes and practically covered with Vishnu tilak and sandal paste, the kind which the Shree Vaishnava sect uses in South India. The caption identifies the man as a designer of the pyramids and a Dravidian. The picture was originally produced in the book Egyptian Myth and Legend, on page 368, as well as in the book: Long Missing Links. On the next page P.N. Oaks produces another picture from the book Long Missing links, that of a pharaoh of Memphis. The pharaoh is also using tilak just like the Shree Vaishnavas.
Miles and miles of tunnels and chambers exist underneath the pyramids in Egypt, so deep that they still have not been fully explored. Where do they go? In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there are numerous references to opulent, subterranean worlds, accessed through these tunnels, and the tunnels under Tibet are deemed to lead directly to Shambala/Shangri La, a Vedic city in the hollow earth.
Bhaktivedanta Swami, Prabhupada, stated in the purport to Canto 4, Chapter 22, Text 54, that "The Vedic literature, however, repeatedly informs us that the Moon is full of highly elevated inhabitants who are counted amongst the demigods."
Therefore, could it be that Pyramids on any planet, be it Mars, the Moon or the Earth, indicate underground entrances to the civilizations described in the Puranas? The "elevated inhabitants," of which the Moon is "full of," according to Shrila Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta- could they live in an underground, lunar world, accessed through openings on the surface which are marked by pyramids? We know that the Puranas tell of Vedic civilization on other planets, so this seems to be a reasonable conclusion.

Cite:  http://www.holloworbs.com/Pyramids.htm

This amazing image was acquired on 10 November 2011 as LRO passed north-to-south about 70 km east of the crater's center while it was slewed 70° to the west. The spacecraft was only 26 km (16.2 miles) above the surface; about two times lower than normal. For a sense of scale, that altitude is only a little over twice as high as commercial jets fly above the Earth!

Not only the crater itself is of interest, after carefully studying the photograph by streetcap1 it shows many unknown and strange objects in the crater, from Ancient settlement, Mining operations, Structures and even a Pyramid.

Cite:  https://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com...rchus.html

The Pyramids on Mars are hills or mountains on the surface of Mars that, from a low resolution image, have near-perfect symmetry resembling that of the Egyptian pyramids. These formations are found in the Martian region known as Cydonia, an albedo feature that gained celebrity-like attention in the 1970s.

Some of the images captured of the Martian surface by the Viking Missions in the 70’s showed a formation that closely resembled a humanoid face. E.T. aficionados immediately interpreted this as a structure built by intelligent lifeforms like ours. More photographs of the region (Cydonia) revealed pyramid-like structures.
One of them, the D&M pyramid had a near-perfect symmetry. Since the pyramids were located near the “Face on Mars”, speculations regarding its alien origins gained more followers. According to advocates of the theory, the Face on Mars may have been constructed by inhabitants of the nearby city a.k.a. the Pyramids on Mars.

They even pointed out the peculiar smoothness of the wide region beside the Pyramids on Mars, which may have been a vast body of water such as an ocean. The proximity of the ‘city’ to a large body of water is typical of most inhabitants who would naturally want to be near a huge source of natural resources and a medium for travel.

Cite:  https://www.universetoday.com/41283/pyramids-on-mars/
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The Pyramids of Ceres


Now, cameras on the tractor-trailer-size spacecraft have captured a baffling structure rising 3 miles above the planet's cratered surface.
Conveniently, the thing looks an awful lot like a pyramid.
"Intriguing," the NASA scientists said.
NASA chief scientists: 'Indications' of alien life by 2025
ALIENS! the #itsaliens crowd roared.

Cite: https://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/23/us/fe...index.html
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I love this kind of stuff! Thank you for posting :)
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If the Sumerian texts are correct (and no reason not to be) then there would be other pyramids on other planets as they were used by the same people.
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(04-14-2019, 10:23 AM)Catch Wrote: I love this kind of stuff! Thank you for posting :)

You are welcome, thanks @Catch
Apache54, Catch, Frigg, Sassy  likes this!
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(04-14-2019, 10:30 AM)Apache54 Wrote: If the Sumerian texts are correct (and no reason not to be) then there would be other pyramids on other planets as they were used by the same people.

I agree, I think the Sumerian texts are correct. Its fascinating that we were even lucky enough that they used clay tablets to write things down. What will we leave behind, us in the 21st Century with our digital world?
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I think the discoveries in Antarctica will support this and give undeniable proof that this is all true and then some.

Think for yourself
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(04-14-2019, 02:06 PM)Frigg Wrote: I think the discoveries in Antarctica will support this and give undeniable proof that this is all true and then some.

Yup even Antarctica has its own pyramid

China has many pyramids but they don't let the outside world know

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Pyra mid

Fire centre

Fire in the centre

Pyramids amplify energy in their centre , directly under the point.

There is a concept that the great pyramid at Giza allowed someone lying in the great sarcophagus to project their soul/spirit/mind to other locations , star systems.

Is it possible that the ancients were projecting themselves , hologram style , to other pyramids within our solar system or beyond?
Evil always flourishes when it can count on well meaning ignorance.

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